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???? ???? ????? – What breed are you?

This is an ode to Mansi Yalamalli’s dog Jerry. Jerry is an Indian Dog who Mansi brought home about a month back, when he’d already spent a few weeks trying to survive at a vet’s. He was brought to the vet after being caught in a dog attack and he was severely injured. Mansi brought […]

Animal Welfare Society (AWS) – an ABC deathtrap that should be shut down

Investigation by Levin, Suhas Jayashankara Somayaji & Kelly Johnson carried out from April 2011 through July 2011. Report by Rakesh Shukla. All photo’s and footage are original. Animal Welfare Society (AWS) is a Hyderabad based NGO and has Dr.Srinivasulu as its chairperson. AWS joined the ABC project in October 2010 as the BBMP wanted to […]

‘I’m pure breed too, you just call me stray’ – Kelly Johnson is The Voice of The Stray Dog

Article written by Kelly Johnson. Kelly is The Voice of Stray Dogs. For a detailed reference in Indian Dogs or InDogs please also refer the stupendous amount of information collated by Rajshree Khalap at on the website on InDogs. All Stray Dogs are not InDogs, and not all InDogs are strays. You can find the […]

What to do if you find a Stray Dog – a checklist of Stray Dog rescue

Written by Persis Master for The Voice of Stray Dogs You cannot change the world by saving one dog, but for that one dog you can change the world ? ? ? You’re driving your car when you see a dog on the side of the road. With a sinking feeling, you realize he’s alone. […]

Catch Neuter Vaccinate Release (CNVR) under the BBMP ABC Program in Bangalore

Report by Rakesh Shukla for The Voice of Stray Dogs –  23 July 2011. Pictures on location at Sarvodaya Sevabhavi Sanstha Catch Neuter Vaccinate Release (CNVR) procedure can be a solution for reaching effective higher throughput of ABC surgery especially in a city such as Bangalore where there is a tremendous amount of pressure for stray […]

Amala Akkineni shows strays are friendly and safe

After addressing a press conference in Bangalore on 21 July Amala Akkineni was asked to approach 2 strays at the venue of the press conference, which neither she nor the press and photograpers had ever met before. She calmly sat down with an extended hand and talked to dogs in an even calm reassuring way. She let […]

AWBI & The Voice of Stray Dogs Press conference On Action and Remedies for the Stray Dog problems in Bangalore

Bengaluru, 20th July 2010: The Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) and The Voice of Stray Dogs (www.strays.in), a voluntary organization that works for the cause of stray dogs in Bengaluru met today in the city to speak on issues of dislocation and culling of dogs on a scale that has taken alarming proportions in […]

Relocation does not make Bangalore Stray Dog Free – but Levin’s making a difference

Watch the video of a Stray Dog illegally relocated to Banaswadi railway station – attacked and blinded Get the latest Flash Player to see this player. [Javascript required to view Flash movie, please turn it on and refresh this page] This is report of Levin’s 1st hand experience of the last few days in Bangalore, […]

KIMS audit on ABC programs in Bangalore showed BBMP failure, not ABCs

Authored by Rakesh Shukla for The Voice of Stray Dogs: BBMP officials, Stray Dog Free Bangalore (SDFB) and the media often selectively quotes from the ABC audit report created KIMS and submitted to BBMP in 2007 in support of the argument that ABC is not working and ABC rules should be amended to resume indiscriminate […]

The Love of Animals and the Holiness of the Dog In Zoroastrianism – a letter to the Parsee/ Parsi side of Diana Bharucha of Stray Dog Free

The Love of Animals and the Holiness of the Dog In Zoroastrianism – a letter to the Parsi side of Diana Bharucha of Stray Dog Free Bangalore (SDFB) Written by Ms Persis Master, a Parsee on 16 July 2010 this is an open letter appealing to Ms Diana Bharucha (a fellow Parsee and the Convenor, Founder […]

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