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Animal Welfare Society (AWS) – an ABC deathtrap that should be shut down

Posted on | July 27, 2011 | 27 Comments

AWS Bangalore: Clearly communicates that if you call them they will put down 'aggressive' or 'diseased' dogs for you

Investigation by Levin, Suhas Jayashankara Somayaji & Kelly Johnson carried out from April 2011 through July 2011. Report by Rakesh Shukla. All photo’s and footage are original.

Animal Welfare Society (AWS) is a Hyderabad based NGO and has Dr.Srinivasulu as its chairperson. AWS joined the ABC project in

AWS Animal Welfare Society

Dogs killed and put in plastic bags - ready to be put in trash

October 2010 as the BBMP wanted to involve more teams to achieve the target number of surgeries. AWS methods have been highlighted and questioned at several fora including of gross neglect and unlawful and illegal behavior from time to time, including to the management of AWS. AWS management has never sought to make a change in how it conducts business – which seems like the business of killing dogs. Most people who have actually interacted with AWS have walked away with the belief that it is a death trap for stray dogs and it is best that they be de-listed and not allowed to act in Bangalore, or anywhere else as an AWO with the ABC program.

In April 2011 Levin made several visits to AWS early in the morning because he’d noticed dogs on the locality (he keeps a headcount of dogs and maintains a database see story here) were missing and new dogs were being dropped. To his horror he found that at the AWS Queens Road facility and kennels there were puppies, juvenile and already neutered dogs – that should not have been captured in the 1st place. They were housed in kennels in filthy conditions.

  • Captured dogs including juveniles and pups determined to be aggressive or ‘furious’ are put down routinely: On

    AWS Queens Road: already nuetered dog captured and killed

    inquiring with the helpers they admitted that dogs are put down in the facility if they are determined to be aggressive by helpers

  • Helpers pickup and put down dogs on citizen complains for extra money: helpers take money directly from citizens complaining about dogs in their locality – and put them down. This completely illegal.
  • AWS ‘sells’ putting down ‘aggressive’ dog as a service: AWS not only practices killing dogs – but preaches it openly declaring this in their pamphlet distributed to citizens in its areas of operations!

In April 2011, Kelly Johnson, volunteered with AWS and witnessed AWS’s operations which included ABC on the spot in a slum and at the Queens Road facility. This observation included unloading the vans after catching, checking the tagging, handling of dogs in general, cleanliness of the veterinary hospital/ kennels/ OT etc & preparation of surgeries. Her observations on record included

  • Children are able to see surgery on location – no privacy: This was the first time AWS organized ABC on the spot and there was no provision for privacy as people, including children gathered in large numbers and watched the whole procedure of spaying/

    AWS Bangalore: These dogs had been declared ferocious and would be put down

    neutering of their community dogs.

  • Dogs with fresh incisions are tied and immobilized: Right after the surgery, dogs with fresh incisions were put back into catching nets and the nets twisted to keep them immobile. On being confronted Dr. Srinivas of AWS clearly said that “dogs don’t need more than one hour of recovery”. This is totally untrue as dogs need at least 4-5 hours to recover.
  • Untagged dogs released at random locations: Of the 3 vans that caught and brought back dogs for ABC on the day of observation one van had randomly put numbers on the entry sheet and there was no nets with the same number. So, none of the dogs could be returned to the location from which they were picked up! There were no persons to check the tagging on the incoming dogs and neither the doctors nor the catchers cared about tagging even after being reminded. On the day there were 22 dogs incorrectly or not tagged.
  • Poor hygiene in kennels: The hygiene of the AWS Queens Road facility was really poor with kennels not been cleaned for many days. Dogs were transferred here after surgery with no one to clean the kennels. Since repeated requests to clean kennels were not headed the volunteer herself cleaned the kennels through the night.
  • Confined dogs kept without food and water: At the end of the day of observation 15 dogs were still lying in the nets in which they

    AWS Bangalore: Captured pups

    were caught (this was past 6PM when they were caught between 10AM and 1PM in the morning). The dogs had not been tagged and they would not be operated that day day, which means they would either be released on random locations, or would be left like that overnight for surgery the next day and then released randomly. The dogs had already been in the nets for more than 6 hrs, immobile and without water or food. Dogs from the previous days surgery were in dirty kennels without food and water for more than 24 hours. On questioning Dr Srinivas’ reply was ‘these dogs are different, but he will solve everything in a day’. In the end the dogs were kept there overnight without any provision of food.

  • Dogs being put down because they bark or shiver: The volunteer witnessed healthy dogs being put down – where there was no reason to be put down other than they were ‘high tempered’. These included juvenile dogs as well. Their brochure that are being freely distributed clearly says that “high tempered and aggressive dogs will be put down”. This is illegal. There is no place in the facility for observation at the hospital and a dog ‘shivering’ out of fear is put down as “distemper’ etc.
  • Neutering and Spaying puppies: Later on 19th April Kelly communicated again with Dr Srinivas about AWS picking up and operating on puppies weighing 2-3 kg’s each, and poorly sutured with – open suture wounds. Neither AWS nor Dr Srinivas bothered to

    AWS Bangalore: Puppy neutered with open sutures


On 20 July at 8PM at night on a visit to the AWS Queens Road facility this was Suhas’ finding:

  • Closing off the facility to prevent anything being seen: As Suhas tried to enter the main hall all the doors including the main entrance were shut. The ‘caretaker’ Mr Jagadish immediately called in a doctor named Dr. Yashwant. Dr Yashwant was very critical of Kelly Johnson’s earlier visits to AWS.
  • OT lights switched off: Suhas tried to enter the operation theater but all the lights of the facility were switched off! The available light was that of the mobile phone and dirty OT tables covered with blood stains could be seen in that minimal, although it could not be determined if the blood was fresh or was congealed blood.
  • Filthy kennels: With the lights off the investigator could only ‘smell’ the kennels it was so dark that it was difficult to see any distance in the light of the mobile. The staff was uncooperative the investigator and no attempt was made to provide any other light source. When asked why lights weren’t provided in the kennels Dr. Yashwant first said ‘there was a fuse going off repeatedly so they had to remove all bulbs’. Later he changed his stand to ‘if the lights are left on the dogs start fighting so they were kept off’. When asked the same question to the caretaker Jagadish, he said that AWS ‘had taken permission to remove the bulbs because

    AWS Bangalore: Male puppy with open sutures

    it was the rainy season and the could be a short circuit’.

  • Confined/captured dogs included puppies: Most of the dogs inside the kennel were puppies and around 6-7 of them looked to around 1 or 1.5 months old and weak. The doctor said that they could not operate on a dog less than 5kg’s and none of the pups seemed to weigh more than 2 or 2.5kg’s. However Jagadish was of the opinion that any dog above 2.5kg’s could be operated as long as it was about 2-2.5 months old.
  • Euthanasia practiced routinely: Jagdish admitted that he had orders to euthanize dogs. But when when asked him who gave them the orders he retraced his statement and denied dogs were ever put down.

On 22 July 2011, 10: 30 AM Levin intercepted an AWS van after it had dropped off a juvenile dog, still sedated, in the middle of the Maruthi Seva Nagar flyover, with traffic flying past it. The dog was spotted because it was immobile and appeared dead (later found to be sedated) – on closer inspection it was found that it had just been dropped in heavy traffic by AWS with a blue plastic collar, and red/orange paint on the body. On calling AWS, AWS denied that it was their drop, and said it was a CUPA drop. On checking with Dr Piran of BBMP, on phone from location, Dr Piran confirmed to Levin that with these markings it was an AWS drop. After the drops of the day, the AWS van had collected more dogs and was coming back on the same flyover (seen on video) with the ‘fresh catch for the day’. On intercepting the van Levin, learnt:

  • No tagging and data on pickup sheet: The AWS van had 10 dogs caught the same morning, they were not tagged and the data sheet had nothing mentioned from where they were picked up.
  • Dog dropped on wrong/ random locations: The driver admitted to dropping the dog on the flyover and insisted it was picked up from below the flyover but dropping it on the flyover was OK since he could find the way (clearly the driver did not want to take the detour)
  • No drop sheets i.e. random drops: The driver did not have any drop sheet for the day, or the pickup sheet of the previous day or any record of where was the last pickup made – he insisted he ‘remembers’ where he picks up which dogs from, and drops them back there.
  • Dog would certainly die in a few weeks: It was a juvenile dog and with the nylon collar tightly stapled around its neck by AWS. Invariably the dog would develop open sores/ maggot wounds in a few weeks or choke.

It is clear that some extremely poor quality organizations have stepped in as NGOs primalrily because of the money involved. They stand to make an average of Rs 500 per spayed/neutered dog. 50 dogs a day is a revenue of Rs 25,000 per day! BBMPs ABC program is a scientific program being managed on scarce resources by Dr Piran, but it needs to be supported with resources and managed more efficiently.

These are the contact details of AWS, till the time of publishing the story they did not comment on the story.

Dr.Srinivasulu Karnati, B.V.Sc & AH
Gen.Secretary – Animal Welfare Society
#238,Kamalapuri Colony, Phase II
Srinagar Colony
Hyderabad – 500073
Ph : 091-40-65539535 (L), 091 9247481111(M).

email: drsrinivas@animalwelfaresociety.in
web: www.animalwelfaresociety.in


27 Responses to “Animal Welfare Society (AWS) – an ABC deathtrap that should be shut down”

  1. Radhika
    July 28th, 2011 @ 10:35 pm

    AWS needs to be shut, they have goofed up in Hyderbad. My dogs were killed by them here.

  2. Sujithra
    July 29th, 2011 @ 6:07 pm

    BEWARE OF AWS– AWS is applied for ABC Programe in other parts of Karnataka,they Plan to kill many more dogs in Karnataka. AWS should be shut down before this.

  3. Varun Mehta
    August 2nd, 2011 @ 2:54 pm

    The entire story seems to be based on mere observations of some of the persons who can not do anything except finding faults with others who are actually working for the animals and with croocked intentions. We know AWS, Hyderabad for the last 7 years and know the commitment of the poeple involved with AWS. This is the only organisation in Hyderabad which is providing 24×7 free veterinary aid for the strays for over many years. I personally witnessed many rescues even in mid night. No vet will attend any emergencies in Hyderabad during nights times, but the only place where you get this service for strays is AWS. Nothing wrong found in the pamphlet attached, it shows only the negetive attitude of the poeple who are magnifying the negative side. Pl don’t waste your time in porking the working poeple, instead establish a AWO to start MODEL ABC Center.

  4. Suhas
    August 2nd, 2011 @ 9:58 pm

    Dear Mr.Varun, all the above reports are based on ‘FACTUALS’ and not ‘FRAMED’ or ‘STAGED’. We are animal activists not ‘ANTI-HUMANS’. You need to understand one thing that we do not want to blame or shut anybody’s shop without a reason. If AWS really was a genuine animal loving NGO, it wouldn’t have been thrown out of Hyderabad after getting blacklisted. Secondly, I would rather suggest you to get confirmed reports and information on AWS. We here at Bangalore have taken great pains to collect all the above info. Its not that we are boasting or are feeling proud about what we did/do. The only thing we have in our minds is to provide justice to these voiceless animals. If you really think that AWS has done a neat job in Hyderabad, pl. do provide us with the proof as we have done in the above reports. We’ll be more than happy to help them in saving the beloved man’s best friends. Pl. do not get offended by whatever has been said by us, but with much pain, I would like to tell you that the above reports are bitter truth. There has been mass culling and mass relocations reportedly done by AWS, that has been reported to us by many other witnesses. So whom do we take as true????

  5. Mallik
    August 2nd, 2011 @ 11:58 pm

    Where did you get this wrong information that Aws is blacklisted and thrown out of Hyd. Pl log on awbi.org and search for the recognised AWOs list @ 101of Ap. This itself shows that you people are misguided by some quackes who are surviving on the name of animal lovers. Pl upload that IF any evidence of blacklisting of AWS. I am a member of AWS for over 5 years and watching every effort of the AWS, where the animal welfare becomes celebrities hobbey and how the AWS is fighting against the name sake stakeholders of Animal Welfare.

  6. kelly
    August 3rd, 2011 @ 7:27 am

    Dear Mr. Varun, first of all: We don’t gain anything out of it by telling or writing about some facts other then letting people know what is really happening. You seem to think that we made up a story. If so, then I would suggest you come to Bangalore and take a good look.

    Many times we went there suggesting things for improvement but AWS only thinks we are complaining and disturbing their work. we wanted to suppor but if you are not open for critiscm then how can you become a model ABC organization. Whatever you do in hyderabad has nothing to do with bangalore. I can’t judge the work you are doing there but here I can ni Bangalore because I’ve seen dogs suffering due to AWS work and that Mr. Varun whether you like or not is the truth.

    If the work would be so extraordinary as stated by you then animal lovers would be not seen in this place. Instead of fighting against people like us, your org should focus in making things writes. In the end its not you suffering but the dogs, and we are the voice for them

  7. straysadmin
    August 3rd, 2011 @ 8:06 am

    Edit Note: For the record – before publishing the article it was sent to Dr Srinivasalu for his comment. The article was published after no comment, rebuttal or information was received. Contributors to the story and senior BBMP official(s) were copied on this request (who have subsequently commented on their take on the published article). Therefore if the evidence that has been compiled 1st hand (and not collected from ‘sources’) is incorrect it is only right that AWS have commented on the record about these findings.

  8. Amith Tiwari
    August 3rd, 2011 @ 10:51 am

    You haven’t answered Mr Mallik Question. Do you have any evidence that this organisation is blacklisted in Hyderabad? If not, how come you people commenting on a organisation which is doing something to animals physically rather than simply writing comments / stories online. Pl look into the organisations which are working only for ABC Tenders in various cities of Karnataka at high rates and grabbing public money and they don’t mind to get the AWBI recognition even. There are some organisations without any recognition doing ABC even in BBMP and trying to get new tenders. Pl get the information from BBMP about them and who are all participated in the yesterday’s tender process. As someone mentioned above that AWS is trying for new areas in BBMP for ABC may not be true, pl upload info about this after clarifying from officers. My appeal to all of you pl concentrate your energy in controlling mass dog killings in many towns & villages by local authorities, transport irregularities, illegal slaughter in and around Bangalore, and irresponsible dairy farmers etc where awareness of Animal Welfare is much needed than teaching the organisations which are working in Animal Welfare. I request the admin to remove this article from this platform to protect the interest of the AWOs who are doing something good, when no one is there to take up this huge task. As per my knowledge BBMP needs many more working organisations to do ABC, let you people take up the task instead of digging things. Everywhere anywhere in any programme, there may be some pros & cons will be there while handling task like this. Pl get the info about uthenised number dogs from BBMP and judge who are doing the most killings. We noticed that many org’s are not even having minimum animal holding place, still using candles to burn the ear cut edges, still using ropes to catch dogs, not even maintaining driver record sheets, many are not taking the weight of the dogs, running centers with 1 vet & assistants without any qualification… ther are many to list out, but one thing is clear they are striving to make ABC a successful programme with the available resources. Think positively, what AWS is going to get by killing dogs, relocating the dogs and mishandling the dogs? Except bad comments, nothing extra they are going to get. Who wants criticism after this much of experience. So there are people employed by the BBMP to monitor the entire activity and let them do their duty. As animal activists, we should target only those who are unaware of anything of Animal Welfare not the AWOs.

  9. Suhas
    August 3rd, 2011 @ 6:48 pm

    Mr.Malik and Mr.Tiwary, pl. stop the interrogation. No sensible person or no sane person would use an animal to get fame just like what AWS has been doing. We’ve got the information about the black listing of AWS from a very high profiled person from Hyderabad. If anybody wants to know the real colours of AWS, just come down to Bangalore. Do not accuse people without taking the pains of investigating. And for calling us celebrities, I thank you for the cult status.

  10. Kelly
    August 3rd, 2011 @ 9:01 pm

    Mr. Tiwari, I think this discussion can be endless, so let’s agree to disagree. It’s very interesting to read, though, how you mention other NGO’s not using driver record sheets, no scales to weigh the dogs and burn the ear edges with a candle. All these things I personally saw at AWS. Do you really think I made up a nice fairy tale? Why should I? Give me one good reason for this. What I saw is fact and I’m not the only one and in none of your comments you admit mistakes. Pro and cons? Yes, sure but we’re talking about living beings and not some furniture who can be thrown out of your truck still dizzy from anesthesia. I cleaned the filthy, stinking kennels myself or do you want to tell me that I was dreaming? I saw the driver sheets myself, no tagging in most of the cases. I saw dogs in the net for more than 8 hrs, while the vets were sitting peacefully and decided not to operate on that day. I bought them food and gave them water. So, don’t tell me this is just a little mistake. I have no reason to exaggerate. Your staff talked behind my back how disturbing I am but on my face they admitted their mistakes. Tell me, who is honest here? I saw plenty of ABC programs and believe me I saw really good work. Of course mistakes will happen but the question is whether people are willing to change or not. I don’t need anyone to tell me what I should concentrate on, first take a look on what I’m doing before you judge us and our work. As I said earlier, I can’t judge your work everywhere but I can surely write what I saw with my own eyes here in Bangalore.

  11. Amith Tiwari
    August 4th, 2011 @ 12:44 am

    There are few points I would like to put before the followers / readers of this article:

    1.There is nothing to blame about the pamphlet attached. Giving information about how to be friendly with community dogs and building up the confidence on the safety from community dogs is not to be magnified like this. Moreover, the same was prepared after due consultation with professionals, animal lovers, officers, and residential colony welfare association representatives.

    2.How far it is correct going to a ABC center at early in the morning and late evening at 8PM
    and reporting that the OT is closed and lights were switched off. Did u notice any other organisation working at these odd hours at ABC center? With what intention your so called investigators visited at 8PM? This shows their preoccupied crooked mindset. Many ABC centers in BBMP usually start by 8am and closed by 5PM and no person will be available after 8PM. If at all want to investigate or witness, do it at working hours.

    3.I feel this is not the way to get more readership by finding faults with others. Do some good work, be a model and publish them.

    4.Information from high profile personal from Hyderabad is not a certificate of blacklisting. You may listen to only high profiled personals not the low profiled field activists. Pl verify yourself before commenting or throwing stone on others.

    5.Did you make any other investigation on any other organisations to check the entire activity of BBMP? If you do that, that would give you the practical scenario.

    6.I request the entire team of investigators together along with a competent person to visit AWS and other organisations surprisingly during their working hours and forward your findings to the authorities. That will give a scope for the improvement of the activity.

    7.As someone mentioned, AWS has not participated in the yesterdays’ tender for some more areas. But, the commercial organisations who are not recognised by AWBI must have participated. Investigators have to tell us, who are looking for other packages. Why not your group try to take initiation to take up the task and help the strays rather putting the efforts in investigating the things.

    8.There are more than 5600 members like me in AWS and we all are responsible for any kind of act. Pl do remember that organisations (4) have come from AP, Maharastra due to lack of required number of good AWOs and full of criticizers who speak / write a lot but not ready to act practically to take up the challenges faced by public or by the BBMP.

    I appeal to one and all this is a critical subject which needs everyone’s positive involvement and support. The desired results can only be seen when the harmony is maintained between animal welfare and public health.

  12. straysadmin
    August 4th, 2011 @ 8:19 am

    Amit and the ‘AWS team’:

    For you to start making aspertions of personal credibility and make claims for AWS – you need supply in detail your credentials as office holder in AWS that I can verify. You can provide references with BBMP, AWBI any Municipal Corp etc to support. Barring which I will remove all comments from this ‘AWS team’.

    If you have so many things to say about AWS it is best that they come out either on your website or your own communication. Since I’ve allowed you to post (all posts are moderated – but your’s haven’t even been edited) do not misuse it.

    It is interesting to note that not once has anyone refuted the actual footage or pictures etc. Don’t generally describe what a great organization AWS is. Show it in action in Bangalore. And if you do we’ll be happy to cover that as well.

    I/We do not have an agenda against any organization – it is only to highlight the plight of the strays. From what we discovered ‘you’ were a part of it. This great empathy and effectiveness that you talk about does not translate into action of your organization and that of your employees in Bangalore (which we’ve commented on).

  13. Kelly
    August 4th, 2011 @ 12:17 pm

    Mr. Tiwari,

    Maybe I was not clear with my statement above, I have surprisingly visited your center during working hours and that many times. It’s amazing how good you are in shifting the blame to others instead of considering yourself as the problem. Yes, we have investigated other places and even reported on our webpage. If you think we have a preoccupied crooked mindset then I would suggest you read every single line before getting very personal. Your reaction shows that you are not willing to accept the fact that something is going wrong in your organization and that is very sad. Maybe you don’t even care about the dead dogs you see in the pictures or the poor puppy, which your boys have thrown out of the van on a very crowded road and this Mr. Tiwari, no matter how you will twist your words will always stay a fact.

  14. Animal Control New Delhi
    August 4th, 2011 @ 3:46 pm

    The video clearly shows what rubbish this organization is upto. What is the meaning of leaving a dog, still recovering from anesthesia on a busy flyover? This video alone is enough proof to show that this is a useless, anti animal organization!

  15. Animal Control New Delhi
    August 4th, 2011 @ 3:51 pm

    Also, it is clear from ‘AWS Teams’ comments above that they are more concerned about BBMP and public health. So basically, here is an animal welfare organization which is interested in human welfare, so they will go ahead and leave anesthesized dogs on busy flyovers! We are going to request Ministry of Environment and Forests to investigate this organization. What a sham it appears.

  16. Levin
    August 5th, 2011 @ 3:10 am

    Dear Mr Tiwari,

    “WWSIWYG”- What We see is what you get on ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’. We are not a profit making organization, not even where we get paid salaries. There is no reason we should report other than what we find.

    AWS is the NGO for Eastern Zone residential area for ABC (Dogs) along with CUPA. 10 dogs went missing, rounded up by the AWO a few weeks ago – Residents & Resident Welfare Association here were keen to know to why dogs taken in an AWS van had not returned. Residents raised doubts on AWO’s operating in Bangalore. Resident welfare President and Members RWA directed us to visit to AWS Shelter on 2/4/2011 @ 5.45 AM. It was Just Shocking!

    1. When the picture of dogs were clicked at AWS-Shelter in Queens Road, Dr. Srinvsalu – Trustee AWS was standing besides me (please ref date). Dr Srinvaslu objected to our taking pictures – we walked insinde to know find out more and found dead dogs lying including a few stuffed in plastic bags. When questioned Dr.Srinivaslu answer was answer was “…oh, I didn’t know this? I will find out”. You can see the ears clipped of dead dogs and the organs are accounted for billing claim by BBMP. (Photographs and earlier mails to Dr. Srinivaslu can be shared if your claim raising many doubts is not cleared Mr.Tiwari )

    2. Many more goof ups by AWS vets (just fresher from vet college) and operations with open bleeding wounds were photographed. Thesre are now with Dr.Piran. JD-AHD- BBMP. You can refer to this directly with Dr Piran.

    3. I know from eyewitnesses that AWS boys stoned and broke windshields of the dog catching vans at AWS shelter at Queens Road. Allegedly they were protesting because salaries of dog catchers of AWS Bangalore team were not paid. The AWS dog catchers boys have told us as the salaries and not paid they are forced to take money from public to do favors,

    4. There is a reporter who lost his dog (his daughter’s pet) few months ago. The AWS dog catchers relocated the dog to Bangalore City Market area and was tipped by the reporter’s neighbor. Dr. Ashwanth knows this. on this. Dr Ashwant feared a report and s the reporter would report in the daily newspaper and suggested he would get a similar kind of dog to keep his daughter happy. I can produce a 1st person reference if required.

    5. AWS kept a sick dog captive without food and water for days, that Ms. Kelly and Ms. Minu rescued. I can produce first person accounts for these too.

    6. Now the flyover issue, some spokes person of AWS (awshyd) has mentioned here ‘It was released before the plastic shop just after the flyover where it was caught along with other 2 dogs as per the record. Later it has come to the flyover”. May I ask you how can a sedated dog with no strength to get up and walk the steep climb of the flyover and rest on the fly over (you can see the condition of the dog in the clip)? It is the duty of the AWO to release the dog where it was picked from, the driver had no return drop sheet with him and is dropping off dogs from memory!!

    7. Again AWShyd) calims “The van showing in the video clip is not on the flyover, was shot beside the NALA.” As mentioned it was the AWS van. The van was stopped after it picked up dogs on its return trip on the same fly over, there is no NALA on a flyover. I could post picture of the spot and its surroundings again

    The above facts and misdeed by NGO’s is intimated to Dr.Piran before anything is brought out to public.

    Since you asked so many questions I ask you one: Why is that AWS as you claim great NGO in Hyd have no ABC projects in your home town Hyderbad, and you have a hell of rabies reported in Andhra Pradesh ?

    Please come here and see for yourself, rather than posting and claiming a clean chit for AWS from the readers here.

    For your information VOSD is a pressure group formed by like minded volunteers and has support from professionals, senior govt officials, professors, bureaucrats, advocates, citizens. WE DON’T COLLECT MONEY OR depend on Govt funds or donations.

    Mr.Tiwari, We are not targeting any one NGO but reporting on what we see and can confirm. These are all 1st person accounts. For the love of dogs – where were you or AWS when following a press report in Bangalore on 1 July – public, press, politicians all wanted dogs to be culled. Not one NGO/AWO spoke out against this. If we can help it, we will not allow any misuse of OUR money, that is paid by the BBMP to AWOs for relocation & cruelty, in the name of ABC in Bangalore. Not AWS nor nor someone else.

    All positive and negative efforts will be reported including of AWO’s, the media, municipal corporations etc. This is plain the masthead of the website.

  17. Mansi Yalamalli
    August 9th, 2011 @ 6:32 pm

    Good work Kelly, Levin, Suhas & Rakesh, I can see how VOSD is making a difference here. The truth is bitter & it hurts & It is obviously hurting AWS. Time to mend your ways AWS.

  18. Vishi Kaur
    August 25th, 2011 @ 9:44 pm

    Animal Welfare Society. I know this one. They run a group of Pet clinics – vet & Pet Clinics. I donot know how in the world they got permissions to do ABC. They are so into this money thing. They started AWS first to make their Vet & Pet just to show people that they are responsible vets who are trying to help animals. It was a gimmick to make their vet & Pet clinic popular and also to make money from ABC.

  19. Renni
    September 10th, 2011 @ 11:00 pm

    Hi Mallik,
    Requested by you on your comments above, the strays admin has uploaded the documents on link below.



  20. Sherry Gerszberg
    October 5th, 2011 @ 8:42 am

    Shut this death trap down and penalize all these crazy nuts treating poor innocent souls like this! KARMA too all animal abusers!!! G-d will catch up with all animal abusers!!!!!Take animals in and love them!!!! They give love and want to be loved! treat them the way you want to be treated!!!!!!

  21. rahul
    October 28th, 2012 @ 11:00 pm

    there are lot of dogs in my area, and people behave very badly with them.
    kundalhalli gate,
    bangalore 37

  22. amit
    February 8th, 2013 @ 4:17 pm

    The above pictures and acts by AWS and BBMP is ridiculous. In counter comment, I would like to submit “Dogs are men’s best friend” as a bygone irony & paradox, today men craves for blood of these homeless & speechless creatures. Our epic Mahabharata has most significant epilogue “The Yudhisthir and the Dharamraj” where the dog only walks till the heaven without any sin, where as other Pandavs and Panchali fall one by one on their way to heaven due to ‘dosh(sin)’ they had committed during their lifetime. Similarly, in Ramayana and other epics dogs have been given significant stature due to their loyalty, compassion and sense of love for human beings. The BBMP’s & AWS efforts are in striking contrast to our culture, society and constitution. I grew learning not only fairy tales, mermaids, rhymes but also stories on dogs that saved people drowning in floods, in tsunami a dog had saved many lives of human beings in recent times to quote. That dog was not a pet dog but simply a stray dog.

    Let’s look at other examples such as “Janjeer” the Labrador who saved many lives in debris in 1990 serial bomb blasts in Mumbai, the dog of the millennium ‘Endal’, another Labrador has been crowned most significant dog of the century saving life of his owner by calling ambulance, going to super market buying grocery for his handicapped owner and pressing the traffic lights for him to cross the roads. Can we have ever witnessed so much of presence of mind and discipline by human beings? There are innumerous examples of such loyalty from dogs towards human beings, still what we hear from such authorities quoting alien examples are a pity without intellectual substance and world view. Indian festivals like “Govardhan Puja” a ritual based on animal as wealth practiced by Indian farmer, “cow dung” has been the manure and the fuel used by farmers across villages in India even today. Animals are considered as god and have been worshipped for being one of the most important reasons for existence in this world.

    ‘Cat fights’ was common saying, but now the millennium city Bangalore is witnessing a ‘Dog fight’ even without understanding the fundamental rights of dogs stated under constitution of India. Interestingly, our society has more grave issues to attend to such as poverty, corruption, social injustice and divide, women’s insecurity, frauds, pollution etc. still we are doing ducks to solve them and busy bullying dogs. Entire BBMP & AWS is playing no man’s land on ‘dog democracy’ while other residents are talking about the cost of property rise based on proximity of stray dogs and their habitat. In a recent growing trends, does our society knows what it takes for ‘being mother’s first feeling’ with most of the young women who have difficulty in conceiving begins with adoption of little puppies ‘bringing home life’ and their rejoice have been most integral and significant parts of their lives, who is BBMP to steal the ‘moment of joy’ of these young mothers who have been waiting to see two bands in preg colors? Dogs in many cases have been referred as elder ‘brothers & sisters’ of families, even Amitabh Bachchan tweeted on his dog Shawnuck being upset over when Aishwariya delivered the baby girl, BBMP/AWS mentioned about children being bitten by dogs is in a weird contrast to where most of the families keeping dogs have many children, and have been never harmed by dogs, let’s look at the old city’s “Mohallas” where human children and dogs use to play together, how would a child living in posh condominiums may witnesses such things where such symbiotic relationships use to flourish, and dogs will appear as alien to these millennium children. Even recently, at our vet’s clinic we met a couple who were telling proudly about their first son who happen to be a ‘dog’. Where the question does arise of children getting afraid of their own brothers & sisters (dogs), except human beings/siblings as jealous and greedy over money, property, materialistic things.

    Albert Einstein quoted “mind over matter’ and ‘meta over material physics’, even as a part of our philosophy, to attain human body most of us have taken many rebirths (yoni’s) including being dogs in some lifetime, Bhagwan Gautam Buddh has taken avatar in each and every yoni that coexist in this world and universe, and there are larger facts beyond sholey’s dialogue of now human being saying “kutte main tera khoon pe jaaonga’, where residents have become Dharmendra and speechless dogs have become Gabbar Singh. The dogs are clearly defined as ‘family’ in the constitution of India. Those cynophobics will have to seek mental help to get rid of their own in security and inner fears before abusing the whole world and calling dogs the only reason to hate. I hope that people must gather from Hollywood films and fox history’s program called ‘extraordinary dogs’ which are epitome of dog-human bonding and ‘friendly relations’. I must admit that pet parents are responsible parents caring and daring as they care for human children. The current pet project of the BBMP/AWS is mere reflection of evolving anarchy of human beings and their divide over setting one point perspective to create an ‘Animal free, Bird free’ world, where in city museums dogs, cats and other animals would be referred as ancestors’, the way we think of monkeys too ‘From planet of Apes to planet of Dogs’.

  23. kiran
    July 12th, 2013 @ 4:15 am

    this is a horrible way of treating an animal who cannot say what pain is it going through. this facility should not only be shut down but they also need to be penalized for this horrendous behaviour.

  24. mirza
    February 23rd, 2014 @ 11:10 am

    Birds of same feathers flock together.
    Why so concerned about dirty dog?
    Think about creating parks, planting trees/protecting trees.
    If you feel so much for dirty street dog, what about gutter pigs?

  25. straysadmin
    March 7th, 2014 @ 7:44 am

    Right Mr/Ms Mirza about gutter pigs. One could find them a home :)

  26. mariam
    August 1st, 2014 @ 11:09 pm

    a ladyfriend and I had raised 4 puppies in an ungated colony in Northbangalore and when the survival rate seemed real some anti-social elements of the colony poisoned the mother dog and one of the bigger pups. The rest are inhiding most of the daytime and are afraid of men in pants and shoes. They are beautiful and intelligent and are fed specially withsoup and rice and veggies to keep up their strength.This colony does not take kindly to dogs of which there are many since its ungated. I am checking out any suitable place for adoption and for some rescue transportation.

  27. shilpa samuel
    August 11th, 2014 @ 3:27 pm

    We as animal lovers should work together to SHUT DOWN AWS!

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