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The Vadodara dog which ‘bit 21 people’ is actually an overgrown puppy looking for love

On August 7th 2011 the Vadodara Center for Animal Rescue and Emergency (VCARE) received a call from the Market Inspector of the ‘Vadodara Mahanagar Seva Sadan’ about a dog which had in ‘5 days bitten close to 21 people’ in the Muktananda Circle in Karelibaug area. The public at large had been harassing this dog […]

The ‘new improved’ GHMC Autonagar Dog Pounds are doing a makeover – they are now called ‘shelters’. And they keep monkeys too now – in deplorable conditions.

Watch the video’s on a troop of 67 monkeys in 3 crammed cages at the dog pounds. This were taken on 25th Sept 2011. As on 27 Sept 2011 they are still there. The monkey catchers clearly said on 25th that they caught and brought them there a week back (so today would be 10 […]

The Govt and the urban middle class that treats its people like dogs can’t treat its dogs better

Article by Rakesh Shukla for ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’. For more than 10 years I’ve seen this sea of green canopy in front of my 6th floor window – its about 1sq km, and most people who see it from my window are left dumstruck for this to be in the middle of Bangalore. […]

At GHMC the more things change, the more they remain the same!

Earlier articles focused on the condition of strays kept at the GHMC Autonagar pound, there was a story about the condition on monekys too, but we had learnt aht all the monkeys from the GHMC pounds had been released. On a Sunday evening the volunteer/ investigators arrived at GHMC Autonagar after the scores of self congratularyly […]

[The Voice of Stray Dogs Poster] I’m the new cool. Take me home.

Know your and your animals’ rights: In 2002 Karnataka High Court disregarded a PIL by “Stray Dog Free Bangalore” and 27 others for dogs to be destroyed

In 2001 “Stray Dog Free Bangalore” and others filed a PIL alleging stray dog menace in Bangalore City and sought the relief asking the BBMP to act under Karnataka Municipal Corporation to detain and destroy ALL dogs. WRIT PETITION NO. 37359/2001, TITLED ‘STRAY DOG FREE BANGALORE & (27) OTHERS VS STATE OF KARNATAKA AND (2) […]

The paradox of the poverty line that squeezes lives & space, but opens people’s hearts: You try to live off less than Rs 20 a day and have a heart for a dog!

There are many arguments one has read about how stray dogs in the urban environment ‘can’t coexist with people’. There’s no space – they attack kids – they make the place dirty. And the solution depending from whom you listen to, ranges from kills all of them – to – humanely euthanize them – to […]

???????????? ? ? ????? ????? / The 7 ‘stray’ dogs of Premalakshmi

Even as ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs‘ covered the daily brutal capture of dogs by CUPA, we heard loud continuous barking by a ‘pack’ of dogs nearby. At the end of the capture as we came back to the CUPA van we saw a small house, approx 20ft in front by approx 20 ft deep, with 3 […]

CUPA’s ABC of catching dogs – some dogs are too old to learn new tricks

Note: For those who may not know CUPA is Compassion Unlimited Plus Action. No kidding. This article is a study of CUPA’s method of capturing dogs for ABC programs in Bangalore. This is the only method they practice and it is practiced daily, and has been practiced daily for the last 10+ years. No other ABC […]

The ‘little’ Voices of Stray Dogs – Akanksha, Ananya, Shravan, Ankita, Himanshi & Sowmya – make a difference when EVERY voice counts

Article by Rakesh Shukla: It started with Sita. On a cold rainy miserable night more than an year back Sita found her scared way into the gates of the community I stay in. Sita was a wrong ABC drop in our locality and took refuge within the large gates of what she felt was safety […]

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