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CUPA’s ABC of catching dogs – some dogs are too old to learn new tricks

Posted on | September 19, 2011 | 46 Comments

Oh the bitch complaints too much- too much drama! What's the need to show a bloody face when you can wag your tail and jump into the CUPA van!

Note: For those who may not know CUPA is Compassion Unlimited Plus Action. No kidding. This article is a study of CUPA’s method of capturing dogs for ABC programs in Bangalore. This is the only method they practice and it is practiced daily, and has been practiced daily for the last 10+ years. No other ABC Center in Bangalore practices this method. Free classes available every morning at CUPA vans 6 days a week.


Disclaimer: The use of the word ‘bitch’ is not meant as derogatory but only for its shock value in the context of a female dog. The author has 15 dogs of which 13 are females and they are never called that, by him or anyone around him. The report has a (1) video of the capture (2) a detailed still photo gallery (3) an insight into the rules governing dog capture and (4) the perspective of people who understand or are involved directly and indirectly including from CUPA and BBMP. Please read the article in full before forming your opinion.

Watch the video: The bloodied face of dogs because people do not want to learn!

‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ followed a CUPA dog catching van to bring you this report. For all the great work CUPA would be doing, there seems to be no reason why EACH dog they capture – has to go through this torture. The reasons are lame and range from management inertia to the inertia of the handlers – but any which way all dogs suffer.

What was different about the CUPA catchers was clearly they were old timers, very efficient, very professional.  The ‘manager’ on duty was courteous with people he interacted, made sure he showed a pamphlet that explained that the dog will be neutered and brought back. The driver clearly knows the lay of the land, then handlers work with a calm confidence unlike any we’ve seen with another AWO, and know what they’re doing. Except what they’re doing is brutal and terribly wrong. But is it?


What does the ‘law’ say?

The Prevention of Cruelty Animals Act,1960, Section 11 (1) (a) to (o) of  The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 prescribes and enumerates the forms of cruelty mentioned here under the act. Sect 11(1) describes (a) Beating, Kicking, Over-riding, Over-driving, Over-loading, Torturing,Causing unnecessary pain or suffering to any animals as cruelty. Such cruelty is as non-cognizable offence. Section 11(1)(l) describes mutilation for any animal or killing of any animal (including stray dogs) by using the method of strychnine injections in the heart or in any other unnecessarily cruel manner.

Rule 7(4) of the Animal Birth Control (Dog) Rules, 2001, says “The dogs shall be captured by using humane methods such as lassoing or soft-loop animal catchers such as those prescribed under the provisions of Prevention of Cruelty (Capture of Animals) Rules, 1979”.

However Rule 3 of the Prevention of Cruelty (Capture of Animals) Rules, 1972 says “No animal shall be captured for the purpose of sale, export or for any other purpose except by sack and loop method. Provided that an animal which cannot be captured by reason of its size, nature or other condition or circumstance by the sack and loop method, may be captured with the help of tranquiliser guns or by any other method which renders the animal insensible to pain before capture.”

An animal is said to be captured by the sack and loop method if in its capture the following contrivance is used, namely, a strong canvass in the form of sack, not less than 92 cms. in length and 138 cms in diameter, which has a smooth rope, not less than 5.5 meter in length passing through ten or more rings of not less than 4 cms. in diameter each attached at the open end, thus forming a loop, the sack having small holes at convenient places to enable the animal to breathe during captivity, and the animal is captured by the sack being thrown on it and secured by having the loop pulled.

What do the stakeholders in animal welfare say?

We contacted Ms Suparna Ganguly (Hon. President, CUPA) asking her about the reason why the steel lasso’s are used, exclusively by CUPA, when all other AWO’s in Bangalore use the butterfly net. Here is what she had to say “CUPA faces practical limitations which others may not. Having been in the ABC programme from the 1990s, many of the dogcatchers have been with CUPA from 6-8 or more years. Before nets came into the picture, they had been using lasso’s. We sent 3 batches for training to WVS in Ooty, got nets from Porbander, metallic rims from Chennai. The boys declined saying they were finding it heavy and difficult to catch. We also sent them for training to Sarvodaya. The other (AWO) teams are Nepalese boys who have been freshly trained. Our boys are unable to either integrate with them or catch on their own. We are putting great pressure on them and hoping they are able to be re-trained, which is always more difficult than freshly  training them. It is not the best for the dogs, but since we can’t send the whole lot of catchers together for training,  we hope to change soon after a few more training sessions in Ooty, by which time all would have been trained.”

It is noteworthy that CUPA has been using only this method and has not changed its method even after being trained. Our investigation also revealed that Ms Ganguly did not know, till we requested for a response that CUPA employees had actually been trained.

When asked, the CUPA dog catchers see nothing wrong and inhumane about this method. The feel it is more ‘efficient’ & easier on they since the ‘nets are heavy and we do not want to carry heavy nets’. Also off the record CUPA managers say ‘this is a management decision, if the boys get trained or are made to use nets they will ask for more salaries’.

When contacted Dr.P.A.Piran. S.A., Jt.Dir (Animal Husbandry department) BBMP Head Office said, “Using a lasso was an acceptable practice till the advent of net method of catching. Lasso’s cause unnecessary pain and suffering and thus violates Prevention of Srucllties Act of 1960. It is a painful experience for the animal to go through. It is not more efficient than the butterfly net method”. He further feels there is no problem in any existing catchers being trained and made to follow the butterfly net method.


Clearly the dogs of Bangalore have many things to worry about, and many a time it’s muddled on who’re friends and who’s not.




46 Responses to “CUPA’s ABC of catching dogs – some dogs are too old to learn new tricks”

  1. Mansi Yalamalli
    September 19th, 2011 @ 4:28 pm

    Nobody is too old to learn….
    Ignorance is one thing…..Being obstinate is another…..
    I am SHOCKED!

  2. Abhisheka
    September 19th, 2011 @ 6:33 pm

    CUPA’s attitude towards animals haven’t changed at all. I once saw a lactating female dog kicked repeatedly in the face by one of the attenders at CUPA. The vets and other staff were completely indifferent to what was happening. When we complained to the trustees and kicked up a ruckus all they did was suspend the guy for just a week. If people who call themselves animal lovers do this what can we except from others

  3. Kelly
    September 19th, 2011 @ 6:50 pm

    People tend to choose the easy way. As said by Mansi, we’re never too old to learn and we should never stop learning. We should always improve no matter what.

  4. Ratheesh Pisharody
    September 19th, 2011 @ 7:51 pm

    As usual, animals are on the bottom of the list in animal welfare.

  5. Madhuvanthi
    September 19th, 2011 @ 10:45 pm

    I really don’t know what to say. If CUPA acts this way, there who does one turn to, in order to “protect” these poor souls. No wonder these trapped beasts are silent and friendly to visitors. They are not, in real, silent with a good behavior. But in fact, highly scared that they might be treated this way everyday. Who knows? Now I’ve just lost hope in any human who claims that they help animals. After seeing all this? I definitely have a reason to hold back.

    We feed street dogs everyday. Never in my life can I even imagine something like this happen to these babies.

  6. Elke
    September 20th, 2011 @ 3:34 am

    This is really horrible !!! Why don’t they let their catchers have a training how to catch the dogs without letting them suffer so much!! This should be stopped !!! There is no feeling for the dogs they just do their work like robots !! Shocking !!!

  7. Erika Abrams
    September 20th, 2011 @ 7:09 am

    The tone of your piece is snide, and you imply that CUPA is motivated by profit. Even though the issue about the catching method is valid and extremely important, and I appreciate your effort to highlight it with explicit photos; even though you are right to criticise the staff for not implementing the butterfly net method, I think your innuendos are way way off the mark and ought to be saved for those agencies who either do nothing for the dogs or for those who are corrupt. Do NOT use negative vitriol on the org (CUPA) which is single-handedly responsible for saving the lives of thousands upon thousands of dogs through ABC; through the prevention of puppies; through the national leadership they have provided in training and inspiring other ngo’s such as Animal Aid in Udaipur (my org)–whenever I have had any question or problem with Animal Aid CUPA is ALWAYS there–Suparna, Shiela, Brindha–they have reached out to hundreds of activists with the precious support and advice. The staff at CUPA doing the catching do need to change according to your photos, and Suparna’s response to you seems very honest and candid. As president, I can imagine she did not know some of the specifics of the training. My god, don’t forget she is out there with wildlife org and attempting to raise lakhs to support the dogs not covered by ABC. Rs 500 barely does it–probably or possibly each dog’s care exceeds that amount. I salute CUPA is one of the most consistently productive performers in animal protection, and that includes improper–wrong–catching methods. Everyone needs to stand up and take criticism when it is due, and it sounds like it is due in this instance on the manner of catching, but all the sarcasm and innuendo just adds divisiveness to our fragile movement, helps no dogs, fans the flames of negative thinking even amongst friends. With so many real animal enemies out there, Rakesh, I can not imagine what gain there is by implying ill will on the part of our allies.

  8. straysadmin
    September 20th, 2011 @ 8:50 am

    Edit Note:

    Erika – I appreciate your comment. It is a manner of writing not an innuendo. Everyone writes a certain way. The captions are in a storyboard form on the captions. Not in the article. I assure you no gains are being sought.


  9. Kelly
    September 20th, 2011 @ 9:37 am

    Erika – thanks for your comment. I don’t see any sarcasm nor innuendo in our article. As rightly said by you every one should stand up and take criticism when it’s due. What in your view helps strays dog then? What is wrong in reporting facts? Do you think it’s nice to see a dog caught like this in front of your eyes, bleeding from his mouth and crying like hell? Well, this surely doesn’t help the dogs. Other NGO’s use far more humane methods and sorry I disagree that this is NOT known by Cupa. The head of an organisation should ALWAYS be aware of the ground level work, this is my opinion. If not seen by the management, who else can change it? I don’t understand why people take criticism so personal.So in your viewn, we are not honest and candid? Talking about the good things Cupa has done, which everyone appreciates, there’s also a group of volunteers every single day fighting for the lives of our dogs, which should not be forgotten. Like you appreciating the great work they’re doing, I as well APPRECIATE very much the work of RAKESH, LEVIN, MANSI, JAYSAL, etc. who are out there every single day, seeing dogs suffering and dying in the name of ABC and I get really frustrated that despite of all the talking and suggestions nothing is changing. It takes two to tango.

  10. Anando Das Gupta
    September 20th, 2011 @ 10:55 am

    Few days back I read a very interesting article in an internation magazine. Bhutan being 95% buddhist country has always loved dogs or other animals for that matter but like every other country had started to face issues with stray dogs becoming aggresive due to pack behaviour. They requested a well known organisation to start mass sterilisation program and it was going very well or so the article said. However there was an issue, due to their religion as we all know , catching of dogs with metal wires was a complete no no so they got the best possible dog catching nets and started catching dogs with them. My question to CUPA is that I have heard a lot about the good work that you have always done but why not shift to something that is even better. Evolution requires us to keep improving in every way possible and I think the next obvious step is to improve on our catching methods. I am a bit surprised at Kelly’s remark, things have changed a lot in Delhi and we will keep trying to make it a lot better and no NGO in Delhi (that we are aware of) uses metal wires anymore. Either the soft loop or the net.

  11. amritika
    September 20th, 2011 @ 11:16 am

    My take on this is that Something important was highlighted . Lets just look at that instead of arguing about words or way it was highlighted.
    The Video and Pictures clearly show that there needs to be a change in the methods of Cupa’s methods of catching the dogs and obviously the trauma the poor dogs are going through.Lets all learn from this and try in earnest to change the dog catching methods.
    Cupa’s staff has been trained to use the butterfly net and therefore excuses…. like its to heavy to use or cumbersome ….should not be used . Once trained the new method needs to be in practice ASAP especially if other NGOs have adopted more humane methods .
    Lets think of the poor dog .Its traumatized at being caught then traumatized further because its in a strange place .Then the actual surgery and recovery period must be painful for the poor baby..No wonder even months after their release they run like hell when they see a dog catcher/van.
    lets all work together … learn from each others mistakes and make things better

  12. Cherida Hivale
    September 20th, 2011 @ 1:28 pm

    Once trained, the staff have no reason to offer up excuses to use barbaric methods that traumatise the poor dogs – ABC is traumatic as it is. Every effort must be made to reduce the trauma of capture and CUPA must not let their staff do what’s convenient for them – after all it is ‘animal’ welfare.

  13. Rishi Dev
    September 20th, 2011 @ 3:47 pm

    I don’t understand why the animal people are so scared of criticism? And I have never seen any other enemy of animals anywhere else except the animal people themselves who try to hide the deficiencies of the other NGOs or AWOs.
    What is wrong in shaking the hornet’s nest if it brings good to the animals ? Of course ALL NGOs are answerable to all citizens because they are handling our animals and our money which we spare for the welfare of our animals.
    I strongly support any such expose which will force the NGOs to mend their ways.
    How do you think MCD in delhi has been able to live upto our expectations? Only because we have a vet in charge who takes criticism and pulls up his staff for a single case of manhandling. Anyone reports and he acts swiftly. I can confidently say that we now have more trust in MCD than our NGOs.
    So I feel NGOs should accept criticism and move on than keep on defending. Recently I had the same experience with an NGO in Hyderabad and instead of accepting one’s mistake they kept on arguing. So they lost support. Its sad.

  14. Rishi Dev
    September 20th, 2011 @ 3:49 pm

    In fact the concept of shelter is grossly misunderstood in India. Only the sick should be housed temporarily in shelters till they get well. ABC should not happen in shelters. Local area approach should be adopted wherein each NGO should pitch in camps in a neighborhood for say 15days and finish the task.
    So this new trends of more POUNDS in the name of SHELTERS or ABC unit is a complete eye wash. We must stand up against it even if it means going against our own animal people and NGOs. This nexus has to be destroyed.

  15. Anjali Sharma
    September 21st, 2011 @ 7:41 am

    I have read the article, and the comments with great interest. And consternation too. And I have promised to myself : I am going to be talking to the rest of the management and staff of SPCA Noida TODAY. Some of our boys have participated in the excellent training programmes that the AWBI, at the instance of the Chairperson, frequently organizes – humane handling, master handler, etc. I know some of them are very good and very compassionate in the catching they do. But has everybody graduated to the sack and loop method? Nets? I cant be in the dark no more about that sort of thing ! Especially, when my avowed, most passionate intent for all times is animal welfare. I do feel Rakesh could’ve been softer in his language. But then, each to his own – he’s an outspoken man. There’s a lot thats not okay with my shelter cum hospital – the SPCA Noida. I think I’m going to be pulling up my socks – reviewing more details of more functioning myself ! For the animals that we all love.

  16. Anjali Sharma
    September 21st, 2011 @ 7:47 am

    I am saying, I know we all care. But complacency – and I tend to get complacent – can be very damaging, and acutely frightening, for those we care about. I know we all work under tremendous constraints – funds, infrastructure, manpower, etc. But lets resolve never to let the constraints overpower us. For the sake of the animals, lets be on our toes always.

  17. narayana gowda
    September 21st, 2011 @ 6:23 pm

    Hi Voice of stray Dogs Team…
    I read the articles on ARF,Sarvodaya,AWS,CUPA
    I cant comment technical part of the work…
    I feel non veterinary people have no right to comment on technical aspect… since we dont know 100% of technical aspect..
    It is curse for the soul which given birth as stray dog in Bangalore…
    —Greetings & appreciation for efforts of exposing the facts in recent times that dogs really go through …
    —CUPA still staying 10 years back in catching technique,they cant ask excuse because catchers are not obeying and they can enforce better method available now.

    I feel since you are exposing the facts in public media which is accessible by anyone& everyone.You would have handled still more mature way in Ur language & ground reality…
    Because it will provoke the public and will receive bad comments in worst language…
    (e.g. will any stray dog wag the tail & jump into the van for surgery in matter of any NGOs van?)

    Here I want share my feeling…
    There is saying & nature law that,

    Any pain is better than death…
    Any pain can be allowed for future well being..
    Any external expressive pain( Ext.injury in any accident)is better than non expressive internal pain(stress,BP,Diabetes).

    In wild you see, any Deer/Calf chased by Tiger/Cheetah… What Deer struggling go through… If they been caught… How they struggle to escape & save their life… If they get escaped how extent external injury & internal fear Deer go through…
    Here in ABC program, chasing the dogs for catching itself is cruelty if we feel, struggling to save their life while we chase & struggling after we catch them is natural behavior of dog( any animal we take including humans if they are attacked unexpectedly)
    Struggling severity manifestation depends on which part of body been anchored.
    Struggling 1st is fear… next is external injury…
    — If by net, whole body of dog is involved and net been squeezed-no external injury-still dogs bite the net due to fear of saving life.
    — If by lasso,neck been anchored-Head & body is free-so we can see the struggling-appreciate
    external injury
    — In my view, by any method dogs will through trauma(psychological & physical).. but we should reduce magnitude…
    — More than employee burden, dogs are very sensitive of recognizing dog van.
    — In open place like park,grounds.. I saw by net catchers cant able to catch one dog since dogs runaway easily.. by lasso they could catch the dog before dog realize by hiding the lasso.
    — I think, instead of sticking to one technique blindly, we think of combination of both depends on where ,what technique is effective with minimum trauma to the dog.

    — Here I have doubt on your honesty of exposing facts genuinely…
    — Because me,my daughter,& my friends visited almost all ABC centers frequently, No one meet out (100%)expected standards needed.I written facts in my letter ( CNVR method of ABC program becomes Inhumane,Cruel,Dishonest & Corrupt)
    — Here what is happening after catching
    —AWOs who catch the dog in morning….
    — Before the dogs realizes what is happening to them…
    —They are operated in so called aseptic condition (god only knows what degree of asepsis maintained)…
    —As soon as they come out of anesthesia (even not fully….)….
    — They are dumped in streets again in same evening/night…
    —In so many rainy days I saw released dogs drowning in gutter…. We saved…

    ? I personally have question… to AWO and BBMP monitoring Official..
    — If your parents/children goes through abdominal surgery even with 100% aseptic procedure,
    — Is it possible for them to work and earn their food, same day as soon as they come out of anesthesia?
    — Here dogs have to search for their food & shelter in inclement weather…
    — Will you leave your parents/ children in rain immediately after they gone through surgery…?
    — It is really pathetic see the poor animals go through…
    — But for this misery you have to pay back in some birth or in this birth….

    Above said is my observation…
    — But you praising (sarvodaya,VSAWRD,ARF) for work they are doing… Are they meeting complete standards & not doing any mistake…?
    —Same time you are exposing only mistakes of CUPA,AWS… Are they not doing any good work..?
    — Once I come to India ,I want to come with to visits the centers… to justify your comment on this site.. If it fails.. we cant raise your voice in public…
    — Why you are favoring… any personal gain of any means…?
    —Why you are condemning… due to personal vengeance if any…
    —Don’t be biased in exposing facts… comment on both good work & shortcoming/faults as well.

    Just I expressed my opinion.
    Be honest,neutral to everybody…
    we need everybody to do good work..
    Appreciate good work…
    Condemn the mistakes for correction not as revenge, our aim is not close any NGO or disappoint their service..
    — Try to get one package of ABC program in BBMP,then you can run one model center of program… I think it is better idea to teach lesson for wrong doing NGOs…

    Narayana owda

  18. straysadmin
    September 21st, 2011 @ 10:23 pm

    Edit note:

    Dear Mr Narayan Gowda,

    I appreciate your detailed comment. But not your insinuation that what we report is not genuine and does favor someone or does not favor someone. Neither that the idea that we need to come with you to show you ABC Centers else we have no business raising our voice. You are free to do so and publish an account. We only report what we see. And we report only on the part that we see. CUPA undoubtedly has many things that it does well – and they too will be covered. Incidentally we could have been very pleasantly surprised with their methods and would have happily covered that it we found that. All coverage is reported.

    If after seeing the evidence on you think that that is biased reporting – I will leave it to your individual conclusion. We receive information for and against many parties but none of those are reported on. Only what is primary information and what is substantiated with pictures from the person on the ground is published. All investigation is without any knowledge to any party.

    You will notice that the pictures are in a storyboard form and use strong language to evoke a reaction in the reader. This is clearly given out in the disclaimer at the beginning of the article.

    If you wish to really make a difference and bring voice to the dogs you love you will find The Voice of Stray Dogs supporting you fully. You need to share the information that you say will help.

  19. Sidharth
    September 22nd, 2011 @ 1:09 am

    Shocking !
    I see is a clear infringement of Prevention of Cruelty Animals Act, 1960 & Rule 7(4) of the Animal Birth Control (Dog) Rules, 2001

    If organization or a person initiate such painful catch methods with,wires, metal loops, equipment and against the law is found in them or in their vans, public should stop such people / van get them to the nearest Police station file an FIR booked under PCA act 1960. Here the van and driver can be booked & arrested. Take Pictures if possible- report to media.

    If no FIR is not recorded or accepted by the concerned Police station & SHO, bring it to the notice of the Commissioner of Police along with the name of the SHO.

    Legal advisors of CUPA need to enlighten the management more on the PCA Act 1960 & & Rule 7(4) of the Animal Birth Control (Dog) Rules, 2001 in depth.

  20. Harsha Vardhan
    September 22nd, 2011 @ 7:06 pm

    All very well – your concern for the dogs, the catching and your allegations against the NGOs. But does your concern stop with dogs? What about other animals? The countless that suffer from slaughter? The way they are transported. Just look at the Sheep Vans that come to Richards Town slaughterhouse laden with goats from the villages. They are just loaded on to the decks, holding on to their dear lives every time the truck sways and turns. Why don’t you do something for those animals too?

  21. straysadmin
    September 22nd, 2011 @ 7:43 pm

    Edit note >> Harsha I wonder why you call these allegations? None of the NGO’s seem to have disputed the photographs and video’s produced here.

    Here are 2-3 people trying to cover many issues. What you mentioned is an equal concern. Would you want to participate with us and make difference. Can you cover Richards Town slaughter houses and prepare a detailed account?

  22. smitha
    September 23rd, 2011 @ 9:46 am

    I have two points which are very valid in this discussion and since we are all concerned about the welfare of the stray dogs, its good for the cause that we give thought to these
    1. the dog catching is done in a public place, so when these kind of methods are used by the people belonging to an AWO, it sets a very wrong example in the mind of public esp in view of so much cruilty done to these poor souls.
    2. for an AWO I feel an animal ambulance or a dog catching team is a very important tool in advertising your cause since they are on the street daily, they infact represent the organisation. so when they do these kind of practices, what will be the image of the organisation. and for the president of the organisation to say this is what has been on for 10 years and put the onus on the employees who do this works mostly for the salary they get is not the right attitude

  23. Harsha Vardhan
    September 23rd, 2011 @ 11:43 am

    Thank you Moderator and VoSD for accepting my feedback. Appreciate it. What is of concern is that animals are suffering at the hands of NGOs themselves. Will this ever prompt the courts take a very uncharitable view of the programme, ending it and going back to the days of killing?

  24. straysadmin
    September 23rd, 2011 @ 11:58 am

    Harsha are you in Chennai? There is much to be done including in Chennai and if you wish to participate please write to us info@strays.in and we can talk

  25. Narasimha murthy
    October 20th, 2011 @ 8:31 pm

    I sincerely think after going through the article and the responses, that there is a definite need to change the catching methods. In fact I feel drugging thru food will be a better option and a sure way of catching them all with least pain and discomfort.
    Can any qualified person give his/her opinion on this issue.
    A humble request with all the concerned to know that we in our country expect some one else to do our job without putting the much needed efforts ourselves.

  26. Amitha Kothandaram
    October 26th, 2011 @ 1:50 pm

    Wow this is so shocking and I thought animal welfare’s(particularly CUPA) do very well here in Bangalore. I need your Help guys, there is a young female street dog that has given birth, last night, and I am on a look for some very good NGOs for street dogs. Can you please help me with this, asap.
    And moreover this being a month of diwali, crackers might frighten them. I want them to be in somewhere together and safe.
    Am new to this, and have no idea about how NGOs for street dogs work. I will appreciate if you help or suggest. Thank you.

  27. Dilip Bafna
    January 9th, 2012 @ 11:40 pm

    I am crystal clear with our staff. They must learn to respect the dog which is there sole source of bread, if they cannot respect dogs then there are free to go. It requires great deal of leadership not to succumb to the staff blackmailing, otherwise they will take you for a ride.

  28. Varuna
    January 12th, 2012 @ 8:10 pm

    Please register a case of animal abuse with the police dept at the concerned area.. PLEASE!!!

    I am a resident of Mumbai.. if there is a similar thing happening here… please inform me.. I have no fear in taking action against these torturous methods..

    Its only by taking strong steps that we can make a difference to our strays

  29. Dr. Surekha
    February 8th, 2012 @ 7:08 pm

    Dear Folks,

    These are the most absurd allegations made against CUPA. We have been taking services from CUPA for the past 8 years towards street dog (Sterilization/accidents/adoptions/treatments) . The number of photographs of happy dogs attended to by CUPA will take up entire web site. The kind of service towards animal welfare without any expectation done by CUPA is unimaginable. Lakhs of people are happy that such an organization like CUPA exists. Their service should not be condemned like this without proper verification of facts. Whatever effort of the organization/doctors ultimately destiny plays its role. This holds well in humans too. By making such allegations one can dampen the spirits of thorough volunteers. Please refrain from doing so.
    People should try sending pups/dog to any other animal welfare organization, and then they will understand CUPA stands by its name CAMPASSION UNLIMITED PLUS ACTION.

    Dr. Surekha. PS

  30. Dr.M.Sugumaran
    July 6th, 2012 @ 9:38 pm

    ABC it self is a very stress full for the animal which does not know what is going to happen on it. I t is for man’s comfort and benefit.For successful ABC catching is the bottle neck.All the other procedures are followed easily.Any how the animal is going to suffer due to the trauma of surgery and ear clipping so catching is part of the suffering.
    Catch it humanely and sterilize it.Whether traditional lasso or new gimmick of butter fly net the emotional suffering is the same.Our aim is to reduce population by ABC carry on and watch whether the population is truly declines because it involves national exchequer and donors money.
    Do you one left over intact female dog will be responsible for production of 13 to 16 puppies in a year? Imagine when we will control the population. God knows who are benefited, but the suffers are the community dogs.

  31. Rahul Singh
    July 10th, 2012 @ 3:27 pm

    I would love to take out few names of the doctors whose license could be seized — One is Doctor Firooz , Doc. Nilim — they all sits in Hebbal veterinary hospital and completely involved in making themselves looking good and cracking and makings fun… Dr. Surekha – Please Open your eyes… atleast now — Don’t forget you all have to bear the burnt of what are you doing now ….

  32. Poornima Harish
    July 30th, 2012 @ 4:29 pm

    Dear Rakesh

    You will be happy to note that for many months now CUPA has been using the butterfly net method for catching dogs. This is a much better method compared to the old lasso method.

    Thought I would let you know.

    Poornima Harish

  33. straysadmin
    August 3rd, 2012 @ 6:15 am

    Dear Poornima,

    We just recd a set of pictures and a mail sent out by CUPA mgm – both as recent as 2 weeks back, both confirming that grapsers are being used. Other than a rigid handle the steel loop that acts as a noose and tightens around the dogs neck and the resultant treatment and the trauma for dogs is not relatively different compared to a steel noose being used earlier.

    Where did this information that you shared with us originate?


  34. Poornima Harish
    August 7th, 2012 @ 2:41 pm

    Rakesh, I love the way you operate. You contact me whenever you choose to and ignore me when I try to contact you :-).

    Re your post on the ABC mom, I had sent you an SMS message at 9.14 am on Wednesday, Aug 1, 2012 at both your numbers and asking for Vikhyaat Bheemesh’s phone number, so I could locate the spot and see the dog for myself. Even though the message was delivered to you, there was no response. Then I sent an SMS message to Kelly Johnson at 1.42 pm, Aug 1, asking for Vikhyaat’s phone number or email ID. Kelly replied the same afternoon at 2.14 pm saying she did not have Vikhyaat Bheemesh’s contact details, but would inform you. There was no response either from you or from Kelly on this.

    Suddenly, on Aug 3, you have a query re CUPA’s dog catching method, and blithely shoot a question at me.

    Poornima Harish

  35. straysadmin
    August 8th, 2012 @ 2:46 pm

    Dear Poornima,

    Since I’ve recd this both on email and online am replying the same on both.

    Comments are moderated to prevent spam so are not immediately visible – till when I get the opportunity to approve. All comments other than spam are here – if something is edited there is note left on why – for instance you’ve provided my 2 mobile no’s here which I’ve edited out :)

    I don’t ‘operate’ – I do the things I can in the time I have to do them. There are blackout periods because of one or the other engagement(s) – one such day was yesterday – and people in my immediate vicinity know about it.

    About the dog and Vikhyath – I later saw a whole series of comments from Meera and Vikhyath etc on the same conversation – there’s no reason (with or without me) he could not be reached.

    I don’t have a query on CUPA’s dog catching method – it is a response to your comment that they use nets – since what I recd on mail and pictures on 3 Aug was not what you said.

    I’m hoping this is the last being discussed on the subject which interests pretty much everyone more than it should maybe.


  36. Poornima Harish
    August 10th, 2012 @ 1:43 pm

    Dear Rakesh

    No. You do ‘operate’. In a very clever way, too – blasé, aggressive, casual – depending on what suits you. But, never straightforward or candid. And apologies/corrigenda
    are glaringly absent.

    How do we reach this mysterious Vikhyath without a phone number or ID? He came on with a callow, impassioned comment. His FB page
    offered no info. When Meera responded to him, YOU replied and then – you autocratically shut down the dialogue. Exactly like you are doing now. When something does not suit you, you call it the last word.

    Your version of ‘Transparency’ seems to apply only to other NGOs. Not to VoSD.

    Poornima Harish

  37. Vikhyath Bheemesh
    August 13th, 2012 @ 11:49 am

    Hello Poornima Harish,

    This is a response to you commenting “How do we reach this mysterious Vikhyath without a phone number or ID?”

    What do you mean mysterious….Anyway.. Would like to let you know Im not mysterious in anyway and yes not every one can get my info on FB.. Its a personal choice as to whether or not I want my contact info shared on a public forum. (You can get my contact info if your on my friends list thought) you get what I mean… I report news to VOSD as a citizen and have not given them the right to disclose my contact information… How ever if it was a major need to reach me (which in this case I do not see as the damage has already been done to the dog) you could have inboxed me on FB.. I have kept that option open.. Calling me mysterious on a website can be interpreted in a lot of different ways and I sure hope you were just being humourous and nothing else… I am not mysterious and in any manner but a straight forward person…Meera responded to my update on the facebook album and I responded to her as well… I did mention to her that I will only giove her contact details and address when the dog was spotted again and not since it had gone missing… Request you to please follow posts closely on facebook…before concluding I am MYSTERIOUS…Infact I have only responded to meera’s comment and did not find a comment from you asking for me…Which comment of mine did you find callow and impassioned…Every action of mine from the point of reporting this incident and dog has been passionate and thoughtful with regards to the dog…If you fail to see it and perceive I am impassionate and callow.. Im sorry, I cant help it.. I am re posting this comment on the facebook album as well so the readers also get to hear my side to your comment of me being Mysterious, impassionate and collow.. please feel free to post on the face book album below this very same comment and point point out your reasons as to why you feel this way according to your comment here and we will take it forward from there.. I again repeat that I will share my contact information only if necessary… Please do read all again the posts and comments on the facebook album by me..because I have constantly updated the album…and I am sure if you had commented on facebook i would have responded rather then here.. it is very evident that facebook has been my primary medium for this case… Regards Vikhyath

  38. Indravadan Pandya
    August 15th, 2012 @ 6:34 pm

    I find people carrying stone to throw on dogs without the fault of dog. Our people say, “hatt” means “go away”. Most neglected animal who is most faithful. Whole night the dog does not blink eyes and watch the area. You pass a single sleepless night and you will realise. But people beat dogs because they bark. They bark because some stranger comes there. But you beat because your sleep is disturbed. Have the dog no right to live on the earth with dignity? I have dedicated my life in service of dogs.

  39. Indravadan Pandya
    August 15th, 2012 @ 6:37 pm

    How to arrest accused ? Law protects accused. Similarly dogs also require humane treatment. They cannot be thrashed, chained and killed. Save dogs. The authorities should be given training for the welfare of dogs : how to catch them, how to look after them. The law should be strictly followed. One who violates law should meet deterrent punishment.

  40. SChadaG
    September 3rd, 2012 @ 6:49 pm

    Why is this not being stopped???

    Any religion encouraging anyone to commit such gut wrenching acts is sick! Save these animals…This is not what God asked you to do! Open your damn eyes!!!

  41. vani
    November 12th, 2012 @ 1:43 pm

    this is really very horrible for killing dogs. this is not our Indian culture. please save animals. please file the case against them(CUPA ABC CENTRE) immediately.

  42. cho
    November 17th, 2012 @ 10:35 am

    dear friends,
    i know care of all animals, this method is very bad.they have to know that, how to treat the animals? only love and care. it is only taking strong action against Kerala tourism. we don’t have rights to killing the dogs? please save animals life……

    friends,please give your support……..


  43. ramnath
    December 3rd, 2012 @ 1:45 am

    there will be a day when some human welfare cupas will be started in this nation for the same abc program at that time lets see how u all —— r being catched there will be a day when all these suffering dogs will be on the top u all in streets straying like these animals u all will slaughter each other for food n place ha ha ha u all humans in this ditched world pay for these cruelities soon

  44. indu gupta
    December 15th, 2012 @ 5:41 pm

    …I just feel so sick!!!

  45. injured animal rescue
    May 3rd, 2014 @ 11:15 am

    It is a very cruel way to grab any dog. It is against the rules also. No one can grab any dog or other animals by this way. It is completely harm of the rights of animals.

  46. shilpa samuel
    August 11th, 2014 @ 12:56 pm

    This method of catching dogs is very cruel and painful to the dogs..catching dogs this way is very traumatic for them as they think the human is their enemy and is here to kill them., I am sure this is the most frightening feeling to ever experience by an animal or human..If there is a better way ( and which there is), Cupa should implement it as soon as possible..Cupa being one of Indias earliest and most heard of animal welfare organization should be an example to other AWO’s . Cupa should not sit on the excuses that they have been practicing these methods for a long time n their catchers are comfortable with this method.It is clearly against animal rights.Time and effort should be taken to implement less harmfull and more friendly ways of catching stray dogs..If other AWO’S can do it so can Cupa.

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