AWBI notification confirming CNVR not allowed for ABC surgery

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AWBI issues notification confirming prohibition of CNVR for ABC throughout India

AWBI notification confirming CNVR not allowed for ABC surgery
























The AWBI issued a notification to all municipalities, AWOs, etc.  that

  • CNVR procedures (Catch Neuter Vaccinate and Release) or Same Day Release, is not permitted for animal birth control of street dogs
  • This procedure necessitates the use of optimal skill, and specialized equipment, and without the same, can result in the perpetration of great cruelty upon the animals subjected to the same
  • Therefore, unless the Board approves and finalizes the Concept, and issues Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and unless the Board specifically permits CNVR these procedures are not allowed for animal birth control.
  • AWOs found to be resorting to the use of the same, shall be de-recognized by the AWBI, and will not thereafter be able to participate in animal birth control


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