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Keya Mathews for 'The Voice of Stray Dogs'
Keya Matthews is 11 years old and studies in Grade VI at NAFL (National Academy For Learning). She loves to bake and so a little over a year ago, she and her mother Melissa started baking classes for little children under the name Flour Garden. Keya started getting her own baking orders in the process. Keya decided to support ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ at the 100 Hands Collective where she was selling her yummy baking. She decided to give all the proceeds of Rs 4,600/ US$ 100 from herRead More
L1 - Chinkara post-mortem 1
  This is an investigation report on the alleged entry and killing of 4 chinkaras by 2 stray dogs in New Delhi Zoological Gardens. Following the newspaper report in the Times of India, Kanishka Sharma, Himanshu Malhotra and Prof. Sonya Ghosh (hereinafter The Team) reached the Delhi zoo premises to do a preliminary investigation into the incident on 5th January 2012. The report is in 2 parts – Part 1 is a summary of the findings and the relevant law in place Part 2 is a detailed analysis and comparoRead More
Location of the dog bite in Bangalore
Selva the 4 year old dog bitten by the stray dog Newsreports including The Times of India on 8 Jan 2012 said that stray dogs attacked a 4-year old and mauled his face. The rest of these reports paraphrase the ‘dog menace’ in Bangalore and refer to earlier such incidents. The worst kind of yellow journalism. Watch ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ investigation in video and in this alternate report. The Voice of Stray Dogs (VoSD) reached the location on 9 Jan 2012. The team noticed that all the dogsRead More
Kajal, a stray dog belonging to Rakesh Shukla painted by Aarohi Singh
Aarohi Singh, much written about artist paints to support ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ mobile stray dog hospital. These paintings and a whole lot of merchandize will be on exhibition from 10-12 Feb 2012 under the Art By Aarohi label. The announcement with venue and other details will be provided on ArtbyAarohi website and Facebook page as well VoSD ‘Exclusives’ Facebook page.Read More
Electrocuting dogs or killing dogs in other was common practice that changed with the ABC Rules
The best that a municipal corporation would do before the ABC rules came into effect in 2001 was find the most convenient way of killing dogs. Some, like in Bangalore, chose electrocution. Others chose their own. But ABC did provide the success and the answer that killing did not. Have a look at this presentation by Sanjana Madappa, adapted by Meera Pillai & with principal pictures by Savitha Nagabhushan & Sujaya Jagadish    Read More
The locked out building has dogs in every room. Without people, food or water.Read More
Have a look at the insides of AWS Ambernath. Stray dog’s pain & torture brought to you in Thane/ Navi Mumbai by AWS sponsored by BMC.Read More
List of AWO NGO in Bangalore for ABC on Stray Dogs
Compiled in Feb 2011 (for last update see date stamp on document). If you have updated information please send an update request to and it will be fwd’d to the list editor(s). See the list of Animal Welfare Organizations AWOs performing ABC Surgery on BBMP mandate with contact no’s here Apart from ABC/ARV AWO’s contracts from BBMP require them to Maintain a 12-hour (7 am to 7 pm) helpline to register public complaints in each package & attend the same on priority basis Attend to public complaints on holidaysRead More