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This is a quick summary of the editorial thrust and construct of ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ (VoSD). These were written down when we started and have been shared privately but its time make it available to anyone who cares. Since July 2011 we have been investigating and bringing you non/counter intuitive insights on the ABC program specifically in Bangalore, and news and analysis on issues pertaining to stray dogs from everywhere. While there has been some appreciation, there has also been sharp criticism of the role of VoSD. PersonalRead More
Jallikattu: An event of barbaric animal cruelty. Report – 1 by Prakash Sasha Jan 2012 Introduction: Various rules, regulations & law about Jallikattu were formed in the recent years.  Primary focus of all these governing rules, law etc was about regulating the arena were the bull faces the matadors. This report apart from discussing cruelty in the arena, brings to light some other key stages were unimaginable animal cruelty exits in Jallikattu and is ignored. Photos from three Jallikattu events (Avaniapuram 15th  Jan 2012,   Alanganallur 17th Jan 2012 and PalameduRead More
Report on Violations / Animal Abuse at Jallikattu – The South Indian Festival Of  Bull ‘Taming’ Events witnessed on: 15-01-2012 Avaniyapuram, District : Madurai;16-01-2012 Periyasuriyur, District : Trichi; 16-01-2012 Palamedu; District: Madurai;17-01-2012 Allanganalur,  District: Madurai Report Submitted to: The Chairman, Animal Welfare Board of India, Chennai Report Submitted by Manoj Oswal, Animal Welfare Officer (Hon), AWBI On  Jan 25, 2012                       While it is not possible to conduct animal sport like Jallikattu without causing trauma and cruelty to animals, itRead More
This article is authored by Ms Radha Rajan, the editor of and is reprinted here with her permission. The original article can be see here All contact sport – man versus man, man versus animal and animal versus animal is raw human violence in action; violence barely held in check and which even the force of ‘civilization’ has failed to eliminate. Bloodier-the-better is the governing tenet of all such contact sport. Hunting – forest animals, whales, seals, dogs, cats, rats and cockroaches, is not even the subject of thisRead More
The Love of Animals and the Holiness of the Dog In Zoroastrianism by Ardeshir Fahramd , Posted on July 11, 2011 In today’s Iran, some ruling clergy teach that the love of animals, and especially fondness for dogs is a decadent, western value. Unfortunately , stray dogs are killed and abused. My purpose in this article is to show that that the love of pets/dogs is an ancient, revered tradition of the original Iranians; an ancient virtue and a common Indo-European value that must be honored. Ehtirám-I sag; or “greatRead More
Part II – BBMP and SDFB have always colluded. In 2007 Bangalore Municipal Corporation started an illegal Dog Cull. On a live CNN-IBN interview in early 2007  a shameless BBMP and Stray Dog Free Bangalore (SDFB) sing the same tune. The BBMP’s white lie of putting together any sort of effective ABC program was apparent in 2007. 4 years they moved the Supreme Court that ABC does not work at all. In the interview the then BBMP Dy Commissioner says they have not killed dogs – other than on ‘complaints’.Read More
Read the draft of the writ prepared by Stray Dog Free Bangalore & Almitra Patel in the Supreme Court of India at New Delhi (extraordinary civil writ jurisdiction) civil writ petition of 2002. Read More
BBMP (Municipal Corporation of Greater Bangalore) has impleaded itself in the Supreme Court litigation against the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) and in support of the the respondent People for Elimination of Stray Troubles (PEST) in the Special Leave Petition (Civil) No 691/ 2009 to ask for CULLING OF STRAY DOGS – something that they successfully and illegally resorted to in 2007. You can read the original text of the BBMP’s impleadment application to the Supreme Court Special Leave Petition (Civil) No 691/ 2009 here. Some things stand outRead More
The proximity of BBMP (earlier called BMP and BMC before that) and that of the anti-stray-dog lobby lead by “Stray Dog Free Bangalore” (SDFB) is baffling. This footage is from 3 March 2001  when Start/ NDTV covered the birth of SDFB – which was inaugurated by the then Mayor of Bangalore! And get this – the brain behind SDFB Diana Bharucha (on camera) clearly states that the  solution is ‘elimination of stray dogs’ and nothing else – something that they now say they never said. The BMP Mayor who inauguratedRead More
Indian Bully Dog Fighting ring busted in New Delhi/ NCR on On 23-24 Jan 2012. Investigation, reporting & footage by PFA (People for Animals). Published by the ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ on Dog fighting is an open secret in NCR & Punjab. This is the sequence of the events, captured in the text report here, the sting on voice and video capture. It is noteworthy that the reaction of the police when PFA brought to the matter to them was ‘this is what happens in this area we’reRead More