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Aarohi Singh’s label Art by Aarohi has raised Rs 90,000 (US$ 1,700) with the ‘The Poonch’ collection for The Voice of Stray Dogs. The collection went on sale with an exhibition at the 100ft Restaurant & Bar, 777, 100 Ft Road, Indiranar Bangalore. The collection features art work, hand bags, totes, iPad, Mac & iPhone sleeves, key chains & mobile phone covers – all with the exclusive Indian stray dog motif! While most of the collection is sold out, a few items still for sale can be seen and ordered hereRead More
An order has been passed on March 19th, 2o12 by a Magistrate requiring that Mr. V.K.V. Sarma get ‘rid’ of his 30 odd pet dogs – all rescued by him – within 30 days from the date of the passing of the order! It is based on the entirely incorrect premise that Mr. Sarma was “rearing” dogs. It is stated to be based on a Madras High Court; but the Madras High Court order had only stated that breeding activity should not take place in residential colonies. That Mr. SarmaRead More
Read/ Download/ Print the report from here Excerpt: The Animal Welfare Board of India (henceforth AWBI) has taken up the implementation of the animal birth control (henceforth ABC) program for canines on a national scale with two objectives—to end the presence of stray dogs on roads and public spaces and free India from the incidence of rabies by 2020. Under this program, stray dogs are picked up, neutered, vaccinated against rabies and released in the respective areas from where they had been captured. The ABC program constitutes the only effectiveRead More

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The Stray Dogs of Fatehpur Sikri

These pictures are taken by Sehej Rashpal Gulati on 19 March 2012 at Fatehpur Sikri. The Archeological Survey of India (ASI) manages other historical buildings in Agra including the Agra Fort and the Taj Mahal, but Fatehpur Sikri is managed by the Waqf Board. Maybe for that reason Fatehpur Sikri has lax entry rules and it is common to see goats and dogs around the monument.Read More
For dog related charities: If you are a stray dog related charity that has a project that requires funding please get in touch with us. We will fund raise if the project and the organization meets our criteria. For donors: Why should you help stray dogs through us? ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ fund-raises for other charities we don’t do use money for our own use. VoSD will monitor and update on project progress and ensure completion. All funds are employed for the project – there are no administrative overheadsRead More
Dog meat is found commonly across Nagaland and to an extent in Mizoram. Since dog meat is common but dogs are not ‘farmed’ as they are say in Korea & China they are smuggled into Nagaland, much as they are from the countryside of Vietnam, Laos and Thailand into China. Reportedly 200+ dogs are smuggled across from  Assam into Nagaland each day. In Assam ‘dog catchers’  (working for the smugglers) get about Rs 50/ $1 for a single dog they catch – the same dog is sold wholesale in NagalandRead More
All Photo © Traer Scott and from Traer Scott’s book ‘Street Dogs’ (Merrell, 2007).  Photo’s used by permission of Traer Scott by ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’. We’d earlier featured here book ‘Shelter Dog’ (Merrell, 2006). Traer Scott is a Rhode Island based photographer and author of the bestselling books Shelter Dogs (Merrell Publishers 2006), and Street Dogs (October 2007). She specializes in narrative and editorial portraiture and animal photography. Her work has been featured in dozens of other national and international publications. This stunning follow-up to Merrell’s bestseller ShelterRead More
This is an eyewitness account by Radhika Bose Makar in Kolkota (formerly Calcutta) of her intercepting a truck with 39 calves squeezed in, all with legs tied, being taken for slaughter.  Radhika runs CAPE Foundation and focuses on spreading awareness amongst school children, youth and slum dwellers through workshops and awareness programs on protection for animals, against cruelty and environment related issues. The text and pictures are used by Radhika’s permission and without changes.   March 1, Calcutta: We spotted a tiny matador on AJC Bose road, ferrying what weRead More
  This is an eyewitness account of Dr. Vibhuti Sharda. After we published the article here it turns out that she’s been working on this issue on the ground for months. Dr Vibhuti is the quintessential dog lover with the quintessential dog lovers traits – discovers an atrocity – runs to the administration which turns a blind eye – courts still taking a view of the matter – as a last resort connects to Menaka Gandhi to get something moving. Oct 2011 visits to the Shimla Municipal Pound 1st OctoberRead More
The Voice of Stray Dogs is making available a set of old AWBI Guides – very valuable but now sadly out of print and circulation. These are published by AWBI and are being digitized and distributed free by The Voice of Stray Dogs Read the AWBI Guide on ‘How to Sensitize The Media Towards Animal Welfare’. The content includes Giving Information about Animal Welfare programsRead More