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The importance of being er… FIAPO

Posted on | August 8, 2012 | 1 Comment

If one had a choice between action and words, especially the ones that get printed, we know where this one lies. The animals, well they stay where they are for the most part. Out.

A while ago we wrote about the newsworthy but wholly worthless announcement from FIAPO about dog fighting in the Punjab with a token prize of Rs 10,000/ US$170 for information where a fighting dog easily costs 10 times that! Not only did it wholly undermine the (continuing) effort of those on the field and still carrying out the investigation – it projected FIAPO as the lead in saving the dogs in Punjab – whereas it was acting only on secondary information. That counts for little since now Tehelka buys in and reports on how FIAPO leads the way to Punjab.

Now here’s another one: 

A couple of weeks ago, the Broadcasting Contents Complaints Council (i.e. the BCCC) issued an Advisory to TV Channels, regarding how animals are to be depicted in T.V. programs. We wrote about it, and you can read about it here.

The BCCC particularly acknowledged Ms. Maneka Gandhi’s contribution and her effort in making the Advisory happen. Dr. Chinny Krishna, Chairman of FIAPO India, also acknowledged Ms. Gandhi’s efforts in making the Advisory happen. He shared the Advisory on the FIAPO Google group with an e-mail which said:

Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2012 13:10:09 +0530
Subject: {FIAPO} Fwd: Advisory from BCCC
From: <Dr Chinny>
To: fiapo@googlegroups.com

Dear Friends,

I am giving below the advisory issued by the Broadcasting Content Complaints Council (BCCC)
signed by Justice A. P. Shah, Chairman regarding cruelty to animals in films.

Now you know what to do and what to refer to when you come across cruelty to animals and
such senseless things like eating insects on TV shows etc.

Please cross-post as widely as you can.

Our thanks to Mrs. Maneka Gandhi for her tireless efforts to get this advisory after months of
follow up.

S. Chinny Krishna
Chairman – FIAPO

But looks like everyone got is wrong! In retrospect it’s FIAPO that championed the animals’ cause with BCCC! There can’t be another interpretation of the massive online blast by FIAPO on 24th July a posted on various animal groups online & Facebook pages:

Fiapo India

FIAPO have been complaining to BCCC for bad depiction of animals on TV. Finally, as the final order on one of our complaints, the Broadcasting Content Complaints Council (BCCC) has issued an advisory to TV channels asking them not to produce, purchase or broadcast content that is in any way harmful to the health and well being, or depiction, of any animal or species. The advisory extends to cover imported TV content. This means no more cruel videos and depiction of animals in bad light. We ensured that this progressive step by BCCC is duly glorified. See the media coverage here http://www.fiapo.org/view_news.php?viewid=12045


We wrote to FIAPO to comment on what where the petitions made to BCCC by FIAPO which form the basis of this claim but FIAPO refused comment.
Looks like a FIAPO operation so secretive, insidious and internecine, no-one, including in FIAPO, knows about it. There are serious messages here on operational practices to IB and RAW, who’ve been alleged by the Pakistan establishment to send fine Sikh gentlemen to spy in Pakistan (talk of standing out – but that’s another matter and nothing to do with dogs).

Seems the mantra here is not just to let sleeping dogs lie. But to save the ones that are newsworthy.







One Response to “The importance of being er… FIAPO”

  1. Amit Chaudhery
    August 15th, 2012 @ 9:33 pm

    Not surprising, given the fact that FIAPO and AWBI are incestous in composition, cross interests and people who exist in hagiographies.

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