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Central law versus State law – in the context of culling of stray dogs: Which law will prevail

This is an analysis occasioned by an article in the Bangalore Mirror of 19th October, 2012, titled, “Police have power to kill strays”, which claims that ‘Karnataka Police Act not only gives the cops authority to kill dogs but also says they have to do it regularly’. The “gems” contained in this article, with a […]

AWBI reiterates to BBMP: Culling of ‘ferocious’ or ‘nuisance’ dogs is contrary to law

Given the ‘information’ flying thick and fast about BBMP’s stand on aggressive dogs it is timely to see this communique from the Chairman of the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) to BBMP and all NGOs working to support the ABC program in Bangalore. It has been previously reported that BBMP has attempted to make […]

The case of BBMP wanting to put down ‘aggressive dogs’: This one LIVE on TV!

A Bombay High Court judgment on ‘nuisance’ dogs‘ is in appeal in the Supreme Court of India. The Animal Birth Control (Dog) Rules 2001 clearly defines the category of stray dogs that can be euthanized. However BBMP seems to have its own spin on it as the incident reported below on The Voice of Stray Dogs […]

The Dogs of Lodhi Garden (New Delhi) – How their removal from Lodhi Gardens was averted

Lodhi Gardens, spread over 90 acres in the heart of New Delhi, is a hotspot for morning walks for Delhi-ites. Lodhi Gardens contains the tombs of Mohammed Shah, Sikander Lodhi as the architectural works of the 15th century Sayyid and Lodhi dynasties. The site is now protected by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). The space and […]

John Hughes of Dogsmountain is running ‘Clean up without Cruelty’ in Kerala – a campaign for Kerala’s dogs.

John Hughes, 57, has a 30 year background as an independent animal welfare advocate. He has a strong police background and is a polite and law abiding campaigner for Animals Rights. He lives in Brighton. He has been running campaigns for highlighting the horror of the ‘dog meat trade’ in Korea, Thailand, and his own base in the Philippines […]