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31 Blackbucks killed by 2 stray dogs at Kanpur Zoo on the night of 19 & 20th Jan 2013. Can that be for real: An investigation by Kamna Pandey in Kanpur

[Edit Note: What’s it about stray dog hunting down deer in zoo’s?  They don’t pick on any other small animal or birds in a zoo – and dogs that are not used to hunting and are scavengers are best in the Indian urban environment – turn blood thirsty killers. They who don’t just kill to […]

Know your dogs’ rights: AWBI Identity Cards for street dog feeders & colony caretakers – Their relevance, and how you can get them

It is by now, trite, that the manner of dealing with stray canines, and controlling their population, is set out in the Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules, 2001. The Rules envisage that community dogs shall be sterilized in the manner, and after following the procedure set out these Rules. Further, that they shall then be […]

Auschwitz for dogs: Animal Rights Fund (ARF) dogs need an Auschwitz Relief Foundation (ARF) to save them from certain death

[The title of this report is not meant to hurt the sentiments of anyone wrt to the reference of Auschwitz. The author is a student of modern Jewish history and the Holocaust. The moniker is used to illustrate the plight of those who entered a Nazi concentration camp not from their choice, and not having […]

RTI response on Rabies in India: APCRI lifts data off WHO and condemns the Indian dog, whereas the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) & Central Bureau of Health Intelligence (CBHI) data is very different

Our usually trusting, usually friendly street dogs are often at the receiving end of horrible abuse and anger, because of the wide-spread (and absurd) belief that they’re easily rabid, and routinely spread rabies. The information being disseminated by organizations believed to be responsible seems to contribute to this erroneous belief. There is a figure doing the rounds – that […]

Help with Paypal payment

If you’re trying to contribute towards on or more trauma instances served by The Voice of Stray Dogs ($27.00 each) using your Paypal account please use the following steps (note please ensure that is a balance in the card you’re paying from). Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: If you’re trying to donate an amount […]