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This is an exclusive detailed look at the photographs of the incident reported by The Hindustan Times and The Daily Mail. Animal cruelty, especially on the ubiquitous Indian Dog, finds such low priority that hardly any mainstream media gives any in-depth coverage. Photo’s © Sakib Ali / Hindustan Times used with permission by The Voice of Stray Dogs. Captioning by Saurabh Trivedi, the Hindustan Times. 2 stray dogs were found hanging from a tree on Saturday on NH-24 on April 13, 2013 in Ghaziabad, in the National Capital Region. Activists say locals are involved in the case [1] Civic authorities haveRead More
Cubbon Park (Kannada: ಕಬ್ಬನ್ ಪಾರ್ಕ್) is a 300 acre area in the middle of Bangalore (starts at the edge of M G Road). The park was  created in 1870 by the then Chief Engineer Major General Richard Sankey (on who’s name is another Bangalore landmark – Sankey Tank). The park was originally called “Meade’s Park” after Sir John Meade, the acting Commissioner of Mysore. Was renamed for the 1st time as Cubbon Park, Sir Mark Cubbon the Commissioner of Mysore. Was renamed for the 2nd time as  “Sri. Chamarajendra Park”, in memory of the 19thRead More
This is an interesting case study of a battle that’s playing out even now, as we write this, at an upmarket apartment complex called Nirvana Country, South City-II, Phase-II, at Sectors 49, 50, and 57, Gurgaon, developed and constructed by Unitech Ltd. There are 2 apartment blocks – the Close North, and the Close South.  This is playing out at the Close North. This real life account involves an RWA, of course (or the Association of Apartment Owners as it is also known as) & of course it involves dogsRead More