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Lend a hand this Jan. It takes our rescue service INR 285,000/US$ 4,622 to treat and maintain dogs in our care, a month. Will you help?

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59 Thank You’s! From the dogs that you helped in 2013.

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‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ (VoSD) Fund Raise of Rs 30,000 for St. Bernard’s Animal Welfare Trust (Gurgaon)

Read on and participate to help the 30 dogs, 1 bull and 1 emu lovingly brought to health and kept for life by this aging couple in Gurgaon. See about The Voice of Stray Dogs (VoSD) here Why does VoSD help other organizations?  The formative idea of VoSD is to help dogs. The question is the […]

Avis Lyons’ and ARK’s dogs need your help!

If you know about stray dogs you know there is barely a place worse in India than Kerala is. If you’re doing any animal welfare and don’t know Avis Lyons – you’ve been doing something else! She has run, single-handedly and against all odds, Animal Rescue Kerala (ARK). Avis came to India to stay and […]