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elephant at the dubare elepahnt camp
Elephants in captivity are not a good thing. Elephants in zoos. Elephants in temples. Elephants in ‘Elephants in Elephant camps’. Elephants are slaves and captive labor at best. Beggars at worst. But they don’t just become it. They’re trained. They’re broken. And the Govt does it in its watch. And you know about the ‘rogue’ elephants that are caught and they put to task! Well they just disappear looks like. India needs only happy well adjusted pachyderms. India is still the land of elephants and snake charmers in the IncredibleRead More
1 Beef being packed with ice for export
Illegal cattle slaughter is illegal but rampant in India with Kerala & West Bengal as its sole ‘legal’ outposts. Earlier we’d covered cattle slaughter in Andhra Pradesh – and this is yet another report on slaughter continuing unabated despite a High Court Order. In this report sent to the The Commissioner of the Rajahmundry Municipal Corporation, Gopal refers to the slaughter of Cattle taking place in slaughter house situated in Rajahmundry Municipal Corporation limits of East Godavari District – Slaughter of Cattle is clear violation of the existing Acts and the orders of the HighRead More
100+ dogs killed in East Godavary District
In-spite of there being a clear mandate for Spay Nueter/ ABC under Indian law by the Central Govt. most civic bodies resort to killing. One such report received by The Voice of Stray Dogs is from Aratakatla, Kakinada Rural, East Godavari Dist. where 100+ dogs were killed in a 2 hr operation on the morning of July 8. The pictures and report are from location from Gopal R Surabathula of the Animal Rescue Org. In his complaint to The District Collector reporting this incident he statesRead More