Monthly Archives: "August 2014"

The VoSD Stray Dog Rescue, Release ChammC Version 1.0
The worlds first app for stray dog rescue “The VoSD Stray Dog Rescue App (Release ChammC version 1.0)” is released on the Google Play Store. The VoSD Stray Dog Rescue App integrates with the world’s most sophisticated rescue response system – The VoSD Rescue CRM v3.0.  “The VoSD Stray Dog Rescue App (Release ChammC version 1.0)” can be downloaded from the Google Play Store hereThrough the app users can request for rescue of stray dogs in Bangalore. The VoSD Stray Dog Rescue App (Release ChammC v1.0) allows users to: GenerateRead More
Every day we get about 10-15 people writing in with one request – can VoSD open in their city? But we can’t! Because of these limitations: The iron discipline that is required (systems processes and people) The scale of the operation with over 2400 rescues in 21 months, 350+ permanent residents and a stated no-refusal policy for even the most expensive treatement, and Because there is so much to be done in Bangalore it will take us another couple of years to get to a point where we can get helpRead More
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