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VoSD releases its second Android App Release ChammC Corp v 1.0 which brings all the power of the VoSD CRM 3.0 to the hands on the VoSD Rescue team and field staff

In yet another world first –  The Voice of Stray Dogs  released a new Android App. The app is officially released as Release ChammC Corp 1.0. This one brings all the power of the VoSD CRM 3.0 to the hands on the VoSD Rescue team and field staff! The app requires authentication and can’t be used by a non-VoSD CRM User if installed on their phones.

VoSD ChammC Corp 1.0

VoSD ChammC Corp 1.0

This is the 2nd VoSD Android App. The first called ChammC v1.0 is already available on the Android Store. ChammC 1.0 is meant for the general stray dog loving population for facilitating rescue and is a much simpler app – while this is a very sophisticated app that addresses all stages of rescue in a predetermined workflow governed by the VoSD CRM 3.0.

Availability of the app will ensure better data integrity as the field staff and rescue teams can validate, updated and create data while out on the field and when they’re with the dogs! So far all the data had to come back on paper and then digitized.

Staff can also look at the medication reports for the day – so they are never at a loss of information about medicating the 100+ dogs that we medicate daily, of which ~50% are critical.

The screens given here will provide you with all the functionality. Thanks for your support and we hope to continue to innovate and do better for the dogs of Bangalore!

VoSD ChammC Corp 1.0 Screen Home

VoSD ChammC Corp 1.0 Screen Home

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