About “The Voice of Stray Dogs”

The value of stray’s life is simply that it is alive“. That is the call for action for ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’. Animals – stray, semi-owned, owned, community animals, pet animals, birds, wildlife – are easily used, abused, exploited, dumped, destroyed, and rarely cherished or accorded the dignity and protection, that we believe must be accorded to all life on the planet. Moreover, (and sadly), in this era of diminishing inter-species hospitality and respect, animals are often denied the protection of the very laws enacted by the law makers, that provision for animal rights, animal welfare, and the prevention of cruelty to animals !’The Voice of Stray Dogs’ believes that animals, who live in our midst, share our space and our lives – as they have done for 14,000 yrs or more – have  to be treated humanely. We are  willing to contribute with our effort, time and resources to make a difference. No arm chair talk here.


Not only do stray dogs share the streets we walk on and scavenge the food we throw away, Stray Dogs have the rightful protection of the law (in India) as under:

  • The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, and the Rules enacted under Section 38 of the said Act, particularly, the Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules, 2001 ;
  • Indian Penal Code, Sections 428 & 429 ;
  • Article 51A (g) of The Constitution of India

The issues that we reflect on, in the context of Stray Dogs, are the treatment meted out to them, spread of disease, and correcting the large amount of  false information, and unfair and unnecessary prejudice regarding Indian and other Strays. Strays get the worst treatment in the urban Indian environment – which is where they have the largest push back from ill-informed citizens, dog-hate groups & municipal corporations. This is where they bear the worst brunt of inhumanity that only humans are capable of showing.

If you want to contribute to the information and wish to be a contributing author please get in touch with us. We do not give voice to emotional pro-dog arguments and neither is this a group to advocate hatred against dogs. If you have a balanced, information and data driven view, please feel free to comment and contribute. If you have a puppy or adult dog for adoption please write to us and we’ll point to the right organization. If you have information about ill-treatment of dogs please research it, put it as a photo-essay with facts and we’ll publish. If you have data on ABC, rabies, the efficacy (or lack thereof) of your municipal corporation and its inadequate implementation of, or failure to implement animal protection laws– collect it, compile it, verify it and then share it. If you want to make a difference – you can’t stay anonymous.

Note on Publishing information by ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ :
  • We collect, analyse and disseminate data that can help form civil, municipal, government and legal opinion, and aid in the better implementation of animal protection laws.
  • Our content is factual, and duly supported by record. We do not rely on hearsay, or publish unverified content.
  • We believe that the dissemination of data that is our objective, is for the public good, because it is intended to secure improved implementation of animal protection laws, and because it can promote co-existence, and the compassion for all life forms, which the Constitution of India has cast upon all citizens, collectives, and all agencies and instrumentality of the State, as a Fundamental Duty.
  • All content pertaining to, and opinions expressed, regarding the conduct of public servants in the discharge of their public functions, or the conduct of any person/s touching any public question/s, is posted or expressed, strictly in good faith, and limited to the concerned public function or the public question only.
  • Since it is not our intention, whether directly or indirectly, to lower the moral or intellectual character of any person or entity, or lower the character of any person or entity in respect of his/its calling, or lower the credit of that person/entity, or to otherwise defame any person or entity, The Voice of Stray Dogs, if wrongfully sued by any person or entity, whether governmental or non-governmental, shall contest all unwarranted actions strongly, and may also counter-sue for malicious prosecution, if so advised.
‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ (VoSD) as an organization

VoSD as a legal entity and organization

VoSD as an agent of changeWe believe we can make a difference to stray dogs in multiple ways. Different interventions can deliver results at different scales.

How does VoSD influence the life of millions of dogs across India?

  • Through VoSDs legal assistance: This is available for institutions and individuals. VoSD has its own lawyers to assist cases where legal assistance is required for you to fight for dogs – and these legal decisions have far reaching consequences. VoSD legal research is available on www.strays.in or by writing in to info@strays.in
  • Through VoSD research, investigation & data analysis:  Which is also available through www.strays.in and is the largest original data, analysis and investigative data repository for dogs in India, probably anywhere in the world.

How does VoSD influence the life of 100,000’s of dogs in your city:

VoSD runs a free VoSD Trauma &  Rescue services that are available in Bangalore.

  • Dogs in distress can be reported on the VoSD Helpline +91.9880119900 or on forms available on www.strays.in. 
  • This information is degistered on a proprietary CRM system and is dispatched to VoSD’s rescue teams as well as volunteers in different parts of Bangalore as well as India.
  • This information is available to this larger team on CRM, e-mail, SMS and on Facebook so that the quickest response may be provided to the dog(s) in distress.

Rakesh Shukla, Founder of the Voice of Stray Dogs (VoSD) and Founder/ CEO of TWB (www.twb.in)

Rakesh Shukla is the Founder of The Voice of Stray Dogs (www.strays.in). Outside of The Voice of Stray Dogs, Rakesh is the Founder & CEO of TWB (www.twb.in) India’s leader in Enterprise Knowledge Creation. The largest technology companies in the world in IT, Defense Aerospace, Banking etc are TWB’s customers. He has worked with the largest telecom technology companies in the world before starting TWB. 140+ stray dogs share his home and office and twice as many that he supports directly on the streets of Bangalore. ALL of them are devoted and trusted companions. Write to Rakesh on rakesh @ strays . in

The Advisory Board

The advisory board gives strategic inputs to The Voice of Stray dogs. This includes people who we feel can contribute to the cause of stray dogs and share are values of being effective, forthright & fearless. The advisory board in includes:

Prof Sonya Ghosh, lifetime activist and fearless voice for street animals

Sonya Ghosh: Prof at Delhi University, lifetime activist and fearless crusader with many a street and court victory under her belt for street animals. If the dog feeders can feed stray dogs without fear of persecution on the streets of New Delhi, because a court order allows them to do so, they have Prof Ghosh to thank for it.



Interns & Volunteers

Interns and volunteers provide necessary assistance to the operations teams with their time and expertise. However VoSD Interns are volunteers are expected to work specific hours and deliver specific results.


Should you want to write in and or send us any relevant information that would help our dogs, do so at:

‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ @ Bangalore:
The TWB Building
4062, 19th Main
HAL II Stage
Bangalore 560008

‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ @ New Delhi
3066, Block D
Pocket III
Vasant Kunj
New Delhi 110016




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