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Virat Kohli bats for the VOSD #patriotdogs folks!

Virat Kohli, Indian cricket captain, said, “Help VOSD bring home 100 #PatriotDogs! They spend their lives serving us, it’s time to do something for them.” #PatriotDogs are the thousands of dogs that serve our country in Indian military, paramilitary, police and special forces. More than 100 of these dogs will join the other #PatriotDogs from Kerala, Karnataka, Railway Police and military dogs already in VOSD’s care at the VOSD Dog Sanctuary in Bangalore. The VOSD Dog Sanctuary is unique because it has more than 750 rescued dogs from all overRead More
VoSD Technical Paper Contest 2014 poster
  This is a technical / research paper competition and your entry needs to focus on a solution and not exemplify a problem. All submissions need to be in-depth, with substantial research and references, should demonstrate original thinking, and the approach formulated should have clarity and completeness. This is not an essay competition. Understanding of ABC, and The PCA and Rules enacted under The PCA for Legal papers, and ABC / vet science for Veterinary papers is a must. Focus should be on solutions that would minimize or eliminate human-animalRead More
The Love of Animals and the Holiness of the Dog In Zoroastrianism by Ardeshir Fahramd , Posted on July 11, 2011 In today’s Iran, some ruling clergy teach that the love of animals, and especially fondness for dogs is a decadent, western value. Unfortunately , stray dogs are killed and abused. My purpose in this article is to show that that the love of pets/dogs is an ancient, revered tradition of the original Iranians; an ancient virtue and a common Indo-European value that must be honored. Ehtirám-I sag; or “greatRead More
Following the investigation on AWS’s operations in Bangalore and reporting to the relevant Government authorities AWS was blacklisted by AWBI in Sept 2011 and BBMP was asked to make them stop doing ABC surgery. Essentially AWS should not have been operating in Bangalore at all – but guess what we found out on our visit on 6 Dec whilst an Andhra Pradesh High Court order was in effect that AWS can’t do any ABC surgery – they were working with no change at all! NB: This video was made on 6th DecRead More
                        Looking for Interns & Volunteers nationwide from College Students, High school students, Professionals. Assignments in Research, PR, Journalism, Photography, Graphic design, Film-making, Research To be ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ ping Kelly Johnson / +91.98803.71833/ See more details and download information here >>Read More
All images and text © Abodh Aras, CEO, The Welfare Of Stray Dogs, Mumbai. Used with permission by The Voice of Stray Dogs. “Rani” has been living at the Bhikaji Behram Kua (Parsi Well) for the past 15 years. This well is located near Cross Maidan. It was dug in 1725 by a Parsi citizen as a thanksgiving gesture after being saved from a potential calamity. Rani has slowed down over the years and is found sitting in the compound of the well precinct. She sits either at the doorRead More
The Love of Animals and the Holiness of the Dog In Zoroastrianism – a letter to the Parsi side of Diana Bharucha of Stray Dog Free Bangalore (SDFB) Written by Ms Persis Master, a Parsee on 16 July 2010 this is an open letter appealing to Ms Diana Bharucha (a fellow Parsee and the Convenor, Founder and the voice of Stray Dog Free Bangalore (SDFB)  [an organization vocally against any strays in the city of Bangalore and taking a a consistent exptreme view that strays and people can’t co-exist and allRead More