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Volunteering with VoSD Stray Dog Rescue and Rehab

Great organizations are made of good people. Like you! Most help is required in the rescue & rehab side of VoSD

However VoSD just does things differently. We like high degree of responsibility and ownership. And so are mostly a full time  employer. That said there are some very committed folks in VoSD who work in a voluntary capacity. When we say we do things different it stretches to the expectation from our volunteers, which are:

  • You are expected to clean after dogs, and take care of critically sick dogs. This is a hands on job requiring a high degree of compassion and care. Else or
  • You are expected to be a part of VoSD rescue – which means that you are expected to accompany the team and rescue typically gravely injured and in the middle of filth and traffic of Bangalore
  • We expect you to give a dedicated time each week (you can specify what). For instance you’ll volunteer 4 hrs say each Wed. This time commitment allows us to allocate work to you.

VoSD is not a place where you can come as you please. Neither do you ‘socialize’ with pups or dogs at VoSD.


Volunteering with VoSD investigative reporting

We are looking for interns and volunteers that makes a difference with in-depth stories, photo-essays, data collection, organization of events & making films that show the plight of Stray Dogs. Create the right perception about dogs  & issues related to them. Make the media, citizens of India and relevant civic authorities listen to you.

You have undoubtedly seen a flurry of reports on stray dog attacks since 1 July 2011 in Bangalore. Reports in the media follow a predictable pattern and  are motivated – our own investigation conclusively proves that dog attack was not the cause of the said death. This has happened before in 2007, when thousands of dogs were killed with sticks, poisoned and burnt alive. This picture alongside was taken 3 weeks back. There is hardly a reason we call ourselves human if this is what we are capable of perpetrating.

Under pressure from citizens the BBMP led NGOs have already starting illegally removing, relocating and culling dogs. This is in clear

Dogs culled by municipal/ civic authorities

violation of legal precedence including the High Court Judgement of the Delhi High Court and a Supreme Court stay order and violates: The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (1960), Indian Penal Code, Sections 148, 149 and 38 (J),  The SPCA Act, Directive Principles of State Policy, Article 51 (A) of the Constitution of India.

To correct this perception that has been willfully created we have a broad front called The Voice of Stray Dogs. We are a pressure group who collect, create, collaborate on information that allows for legal and humane decision making in courts, with civic authorities & with citizens. I’m looking for motivated interns. You should apply if you are a self starter and a motivated individual and want to participate in making a difference with those who are defenseless.

Essential information to volunteer with VoSD

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