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A revised AWBI circular, on pet dogs and street dogs, clarifying what is lawful and unlawful

Posted on | February 20, 2014 | 5 Comments

AWBI logoA Revised Circular has been issued by the Animal Welfare Board of India on Pet Dogs and Street Dogs. It replaces an earlier Circular on this subject, dated 1st February, 2014, which stands withdrawn.

The Revised Circular seeks to supplement what was earlier issued, and to add to it. It is stated to have been issued in response to “requests received, to lend clarity and provide answers to recurring vexed questions”, and sets out the correct position in law with respect to various aspects concerning pet dogs and street dogs. The Revised AWBI Circular issued today, i.e. on 20th February, 2014, can be seen at the bottom of this post Also see the following articles on The Voice of Stray Dogs web-site that deal with the same or similar subjects :

  1. On the use of elevators by pet dogs, and unlawful restrictions imposed on the same by housing societies and gated complexes (Part I) and (Part II)
  2. On how a ‘Pet Parents Association’ fought against, and resisted unlawful restrictions on pets, and mistreatment of strays by their RWA
  3. On how to deal with unlawful restrictions on pet dogs and street dogs imposed by apartment owners associations, housing societies, and RWAs

Please also see a complete note on the VoSD Facebook page that is kept current from revisions as applicable

The full content of the AWBI circular is given here: Read more

Alleviating the suffering of Stray & Domesticated Animals in Urban India: The 1st Annual National Technical Paper Contest (2014) for Veterinary & Legal papers with a prize money Rs.1 Lakh

Posted on | February 17, 2014 | 1 Comment


1st Annual VoSD Technical Paper Contest logoThis is a technical / research paper competition and your entry needs to focus on a solution and not exemplify a problem. All submissions need to be in-depth, with substantial research and references, should demonstrate original thinking, and the approach formulated should have clarity and completeness. This is not an essay competition. Understanding of ABC, and The PCA and Rules enacted under The PCA for Legal papers, and ABC / vet science for Veterinary papers is a must. Focus should be on solutions that would minimize or eliminate human-animal conflict ; and you could encompass aspects such as (but not limited to)  living conditions, transportation, medical and legal interventions for dogs, cattle, pigs and other animals typically found in urban India, in your submission.  Research and discussions on wildlife, and conflicts arising thereof, may not and will not be a part of the submissions. An abstract of the paper is expected to be 400-500 words and the final paper should be between 4000-5000 words. This contest is open to veterinary students, legal students, research scholars*, practicing lawyers and NGOs**.


Best Veterinary Paper

  • 1st Prize: INR 50,000
  • Consolation prize*: Rs 10,000

Best Legal Paper

  • 1st Prize: INR 50,000
  • Consolation prize*: Rs 10,000


  • Open to veterinary students, legal students, research scholars*, practicing lawyers and NGOs**
  • Each team can have from one to 5 persons.
  • A professor as guide is welcome but not mandatory.
  • The objective of the contest  is to look for practical solutions to real-life challenges.
  • Submission of both abstract and final paper should follow the prescribed  .doc or .odf format  on the form available on www.strays.in

Participation criteria

You are eligible to enter this contest if,

  • You are a research scholar, i.e. you are currently pursuing graduation/ post graduation or doctoral studies in veterinary sciences or in law, from a college or institute recognized by the Veterinary Council of India, or the Bar Council of India respectively.
  • You are a student of a registered educational institute within India.
  • You are a practicing lawyer registered with the Bar Council of your state or union territory, and a member of at least one bar association.
  • You are a member of an animal welfare NGO/ AWO  that is either a registered society or a trust.

When declaring results we will need self attested documentation to substantiate that you meet the Participation criteria. Lawyers shall have to quote their Enrolment numbers as well, and ngos shall have to submit self attested true copies of their trust deeds or registration certificates Read more

Know your dogs’ rights: The Use of Elevators by Pet Dogs (II) – What you should do if your society bans the use of elevators by pets?

This is the SECOND PART of our 2 part series on the subject, ‘THE USE OF ELEVATORS BY PET DOGS’. The FIRST PART was devoted to what you must know about the ‘banning’ of, and other unlawful restrictions imposed upon the use of elevators by pets. You can read that article here  In this part, our focus is on what you should or could do, were your society or housing complex to ban or impose restrictions on the use of elevators by ...

Cows for the slaughter: In the land of the holy cow & that officially prohibits cow slaughter*

India is the land of the ‘Holy Cow’, and cow slaughter is strictly forbidden by law across India, except in the states of  West Bengal & Kerala. All other states have enacted prevention of cow slaughter statutes (*see legislation enacted by the States / Union Territories on cow slaughter).  In Uttar Pradesh, where the incident that we’re writing about occurred, there is The Uttar Pradesh Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act, 1955, for instance. The unsavory paradox however is, that India is also well on its way ...

Know your dogs’ rights: Use of Elevators by pet dogs (Part I) – What you must know about ‘banning‘ this and other unlawful restrictions

NB: This article is being given in 2 parts. In Part I here we discuss the (il)legality of the restrictions imposed on pet owners vis-a-vis use of elevators by their pets.  The article, court judgments and experts clearly establish that housing societies cannot ban pets, or ban the use of elevators by pets, through notices put up for the purpose, or bye-laws framed or amended for the purpose, even with the consent of the general body of residents.  In Part II we will discuss how to deal with ...

VoSD CRM 2.1: The world’s 1st CRM for Animal Rescue, now available on subscription to all rescue & rehab agencies across the world

‘The Voice of Stray Dogs (VoSD)’ has developed the world’s 1st CRM specifically for rescue organizations. Any rescue organization can now avail of this CRM as a subscribed service. The application itself is being provided free of cost but a small charge of INR 5000/$85 will apply annually, to cover variable costs such as SMS and server bandwidth. A key concern area for rescue organisation irrespective of scale, is managing records of the animals in their care. VoSD CRM 2.1 ...

The Voice of Stray Dogs (VoSD) Bangalore, announces a first of its kind Blood Bank for Stray Dogs and Pet Dogs!

*The VoSD Blood Banks’ operating procedure is completely described in the Terms of Use here http://goo.gl/dVlClO Press Release: 2nd January 2014, Bangalore, India: The Voice of Stray Dogs (VoSD) today announced a ‘first of its kind’ service for animals – a blood bank for stray dogs, community dogs and pet dogs. With this, VoSD takes another step forward, in its continued endeavour to work with the helpless, nameless dogs on the street. ‘The VoSD Canine Blood Bank’ is another step in working towards a better ...

Allahabad High Court order upholds the Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules

The Allahabad High Court has passed an order that is opposite to the ambiguous views of the Karnataka High Court, the Bombay High Court, the Shimla High Court and upholds the Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules unambiguously. On the 15th of May, 2013, the Chief Justice’s bench of the Allahabad High Court has passed the FIRST UNEQUIVOCAL ORDER by any High Court, expressly disregarding municipal law provisions that allow the destruction of stray dogs ; and upholding the mandate of the Animal Birth Control (Dogs) ...

A federation of RWAs (Resident Welfare Associations) writes to its members cautioning them to lawfully deal with stray dogs

Its quite common to see RWAs coming down on people feeding dogs even pets on their premises. In a first a federation of RWAs (Resident Welfare Associations) writes to its members cautioning them to lawfully deal with stray dogs. RWAs (Residents’ Welfare Associations), and Apartment Owners’ Associations, are viewed with suspicion by most of us that care for, feed, and look after community dogs (usually referred to as ‘stray dogs’), because of the single-mindedness with which they often try to persecute ...

Lend a hand this Jan. It takes our rescue service INR 285,000/US$ 4,622 to treat and maintain dogs in our care, a month. Will you help?

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