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Full text of forensic evidence review by US experts made public for the first time: Sandeep’s death not because of animals

Press Release: The full text of the US team’s forensic report of death of Sandeep in New Yelahanka Town in Bangalore: investigation of Sandeep’s death bungled by both police and coroner; Cause of death likely humans, not animals. FULL INQUEST/JUDICIAL INQUIRY WARRANTED 5 August 2011 – Bangalore Glaring inconsistencies in official accounts and conclusions about […]

The inconvenient truth of Sandeep’s murder (Part I) : Press, Politicians, Police & People blamed strays when all evidence was otherwise

The Voice of Stray Dogs report on the case Sandeep’s murder and subsequent reporting. On the night of 31 June and 1 July a small boy went missing in New Yelahanka Town in Bangalore, and was later found dead. As unfortunate as this was, the subsequent actions of the press, the police and the political […]