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Rescue of 31 cattle by PFCI in Perumanallur (Tirupur District) Tamilnadu: A Case Study

The text describes the the rescue of 31 cattle by People For Cattle India (PFCI) in Perumanallur (Tirupur District), Tamilnadu.  The article is terribly important for 3 reasons:  Unlike in most such cases the cattle were not released by police order etc. They stay rescued. PFCI makes an aggressive & legally sound complaint that enforces […]

Anatomy of an activist raid & rescue of illegal transportation of cattle for slaughter in New Delhi (Part 1): The night of June 22, 2014

The text describes the situation of 2 successive activist raids on June 22 & 23 and on Aug 23 in New Delhi in which the activists manages to salvage the lives of 300 livestock being smuggled in 12 trucks driving through the heart of New Delhi. Over 10 people were arrested while others escaped. Pictures: […]

An investigation on illegal camel slaughter in public places by Kanishka Sharma and Sonya Ghosh

As affluence in India rises more and more larger animals such as bovines,  camels and increasigly horses are slaughtered to show the ‘status ‘ of the person making the sacrifice. Slaughter was symbolic and never meant to be a status parade that it has become. Even on Bakr Eid slaughter of animals other than goats […]

Transportation of cows and calves into West Bengal for slaughter: A look into the real ‘cow country’ that is India

For decades, Kerala and West Bengal where cow slaughter is legal, are the sink-holes of cattle from across the country – where they are brought to packed in trucks, sometimes with legs broken so they can be dumped one on top of the other and be even more tightly packed and brought in 1000 mile […]