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The Whispering Voices of Dogs of the past: Stories of Pain, Hope & Despair. The plastic twine dog of Navi Mumbai (Dec 2006)

Rescue, text and pictures – Naina Athale a Navi Mumbai based activist. Naina is a PhD scholar and is a member of the Managing Committee of In Defense of Animals (IDA), co-opted member of the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) and member of the Advisory Board of The Voice of Stray Dogs. December 2006 […]

A Dog’s Life: Catalyzing activism for stray dogs. Conference and Panel Discussion on 26th May 2012 Bangalore organized by ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’

** Conference and Panel Discussion: For who want to intervene for dogs in Bangalore ** Empower yourself with the tools and knowledge necessary to act. Learn from the experiences and listen to the impressive speaker line up including: