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Where’s the Beef? The truth about India’s Beef Industry by Dr Krishen Kak (IAS)

This article published on 22nd June, 2012 is reprinted with permission by ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ with minor edits and formatting changes but no ‘editorial’ changes. This article shows clearly that while there is a clear lawful demarcation of buffalo and cow meat and only cow meat can be termed beef, and while beef […]

39 calves to the slaughter – stuffed in a mini truck all with legs tied

This is an eyewitness account by Radhika Bose Makar in Kolkota (formerly Calcutta) of her intercepting a truck with 39 calves squeezed in, all with legs tied, being taken for slaughter.  Radhika runs CAPE Foundation and focuses on spreading awareness amongst school children, youth and slum dwellers through workshops and awareness programs on protection for […]