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Surat Municipal Corporation and Animal Protection Club continue to use unapproved CNVR in the worst possible manner

We wrote a few days back about the treatment of dogs in Surat, Gujarat, meted out by Surat Municipal Corporation and Animal Protection Club, Karad. The situation does not get any better in the last few days with these new pictures coming from the ground in Gujarat. A commentary is not being provided since enough has […]

An account to CNVR based ABC from Surat by Darshan Desai: Intestines are spilling out as the Corporation and AWBI dither

After getting his training in animal welfare workshop of AWBI in 1998 Darshan started in animal welfare work in his individual capacity and with another organisation. A few years ago we stared Prayas Team Environment where one of the wings is dedicated to animal rescue and welfare. He started with his home’s land line number […]