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VoSD Helpline:
Bangalore, Mon-Sun, 9am-6pm
Read VoSD Rescue SOP | info@strays.in

VoSD Receives

fund raiser 1It takes a great deal of effort to run the VoSD rescue service and trauma centre for Bangalore’s stray and abandoned dogs. In our 1st year (15 Oct 2012 – 14 Oct 2013) , we have rescued and cared for about 670 dogs – reported for severe trauma, cancer, heart disease, and other ailments. We do things a little differently, so we insist on the best private veterinary care possible. This means sophisticated medical intervention, and pioneering surgeries for our strays.

Today we rescue with more than 150 dogs a month – take a look at our daily Trauma Call Sheet or have a look at our CRM, and you’ll see exactly where these dogs came from, and who reported them. We track these calls through an inhouse CRM system, and callers are updated as to the progress of the dog they reported. We also publish photo updates on our dogs’ treatment, and progress — in many cases, right up to their release back to their own neighborhood.

We’re doing all of this, but it isn’t enough. Bangalore’s dogs need us to scale up. And for that, we need your help. With your help, let’s make 2014 kinder, better, and safer for Bangalore’s strays.

Details for transferring funds to ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’:

*Important*: All payments received by VoSD are listed in this document: http://goo.gl/WGAzUn If you have contributed, but do not see your contribution mentioned here, or if you have not received a receipt, please email info@strays.in and we’ll correct it ASAP.

If paying in ₹/ INR

Transfer via RTGS or NEFT to: 
Corporation Bank
A/C No.: 039800101026974
Bank Address: 1082, 12th Main, 5th Cross, HAL II Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore 560 008
Bank Phone: 080-25216738/ 25201441

Send/ Drop off a check at: 
The Voice of Stray Dogs, TWB Building, 4062, 19th Main Road, HAL II Stage, Bangalore 560 008
Phone: 080-40741410

If paying in US$/ Foreign exchange

The Reserve Bank of India guidelines for us mandate that if you’re making a foreign remittance:

  • You make this via PayPal (on the right panel of www.strays.in) where you can remit any amount OR
  • Convert USD/GBP/€ into ₹/INR and send a cheque/banker’s cheque to our mailing address (above) since we are allowed legally to accept payments in ₹/INR only.

Please email finance@strays.in with your complete address to ensure that you receive your receipt – via email AND courier.


Those that have contributed financially to VoSD since 2011


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VoSD Source of funds*

7% 93%
42.5 lakhs 576 lakhs
Donor funds Management Fund

Search VoSD CRM

VoSD Rescue quick STATS

Service available since: 2012-10-15
Days in Service: 797

Blood bank Quick Stats

Service available since: 2014-01-02
Days in Service: 353

Report a Stray Dog in need

Caller details
Enquiry Type*
I'm reporting an injured dog**
I'm seeking legal help
I'm requesting for blood**
I want to adopt a dog**
**in Bangalore only
Strays details
Description of Injury*

* Immediate dispatch/critical/ 2hrs
** Priority dispatch/severe/ 4hrs
*** Non critical 6-12 hrs
# Advice on mail/phone/ no pick up

Location/Landmark *
I have read the VoSD Terms of Rescue.
Breed and blood details
Age of the dog (Yrs)*
Weight of the dog (Kg's)*
Referring vet/hospital*
Condition the dog is suffering*
Urgency with which blood is required*
I have read the VoSD Blood Bank Terms of Rescue.
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I have read the VOSD Adoption Terms of Rescue.
We need to know you're not a machine. Please enter the current calendar year e.g. 1999*


Contribute Here
Personal Info:

Payment Amount:
Payment Type: All Contributions in Rs only
Online/NEFT transfer
Credit Card (Not available at the moment)
Payment Info:
Account Name: The Voice of Stray Dogs
Bank Name: Corporation Bank
A/C No(RTGS/NEFT): 039800101026974
Branch Code: 000398
Account Type: Savings
MICR CODE: 560017019
ECS SB CODE: 039800101
All DD's/cheque to be made in favor of
'The Voice of Stray Dogs'
Bank Name: Corporation Bank
A/C No(RTGS/NEFT): 039800101026974
Mailing Address of VOSD:
The Voice Of Stray Dogs, # 4062, 19th Main Road, HAL 2nd Stage, Bangalore -560008, India. Phone: +91-80-40741410
We need to know you're not a machine. Please enter the current calendar year e.g. 1999*
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