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Posted On October 23, 2017By straysadmin

A Home for Destitutes

VOSD’s JAYAMMA MANE VOSD’s Jayamma Mane is home for destitute, old people for whom there is no hope for a better tomorrow. Jayamma was an 80-year-old in a small village in Rural Bangalore District. She lost her husband, and then, her only son. Her family threw her out of their home, and she survived on her meagre pension of ₹500/$8 a month. A few months ago, her situation had deteriorated so much that she jumped into a well, and killed herself. We lost Jayamma, but we can’t leave the destitute of ruralRead More
As affluence in India rises more and more larger animals such as bovines,  camels and increasigly horses are slaughtered to show the ‘status ‘ of the person making the sacrifice. Slaughter was symbolic and never meant to be a status parade that it has become. Even on Bakr Eid slaughter of animals other than goats or sheep is not allowed under Indian law. No slaughter is allowed other than at a slaughter house under legal procedure and an exception is provided for ritual slaughter on Eid but can only beRead More
“We are not to simply bandage the wounds of victims beneath the wheels of injustice; we are to drive a spoke into the wheel itself.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer This document can be downloaded here as a PDF Activism remains a much debated term in all circles; social sciences, media and political. This is because activism of all kinds; feminist movements, dalit and tribal rights, child rights, land rights and the rights movements of all indigenous and marginalized people have changed the face of human history. Activism for human rights hasRead More
2 previous articles showed the legal standpoint of Camel sacrifice at the time of Bakr-Id & Cow sacrifice during Bakr-Id in India. Clearly in the context of slaughter of animals during Bakr-Id any slaughter which is not a part of the RELIGIOUS REQUIREMENT of Muslims, such as the slaughter of cows, calves, and camels, is not permitted in law. In its judgement the Karnataka High Court (judgment passed in the Writ Petition No. 14432 of 2008 titled ‘Animal Rights Fund Vs. State of Karnataka’): Noted that the petitioner had sought that the illegal transportation,Read More
As a mark of ‘affluence’ increasingly there are camels being sacrificed by the rich at the time of Bakr-Id in India. Is this purely a personal choice or does the State have a say in it?       Judgement of the Kerala high Court: Siraj vs District Collector / Judgment of Mr Justice K. Balakrishnan NairRead More
Is sacrifice/slaughter of cows allowed on Bakr-Id in India? Is it a personal choice? What does the India law say? The Supreme Court of India, in the matters of M. H. Qureshi vs. State of Bihar reported in AIR 1958 SC 731, and State of West Bengal & Ors. vs. Ashutosh Lahiri and Others reported in AIR 1995 SC 464, and the Calcutta High Court in the matters of Rajesh Yadav & Ors. vs. State of West Bengal & Ors., and Kedarnath Brahmachari & Ors. vs. The State of WestRead More