Republic of Dog VOSD

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REPUBLIC OF DOGS™ a day at the VOSD Sanctuary

VOSD has been a ‘closed’ space more or less for many years, except to news crews, people we know closely and a few very old volunteers. This is due to several unpleasant incidents and many much-publicised police cases that includes poisoning, vandalism and physical violence against VOSD staff. It was never our intention to keep a place of such great joy a secret. We would like more people to know about the VOSD Sanctuary — if nothing else, that there is a place where dogs can roam free without being chained or confined. For any dog lover, it’s quite an experience. As a limited opening up, we are organizing a visit to the VOSD Sanctuary on Saturday, 27 Jan. There are only 25 invites since the others are slots for our benefactors. Once you make a donation towards the pass you will receive instructions on logistics.
By agreeing to visit and contribution towards the visit and/or the visit you comply with Indemnification of VOSD, and VOSD Trustees and Staff.
This is a one-person invite for you only, and cannot be transferred. If 2 pax are coming then QTY = 2 when you check out. Only adults (18+) who are comfortable with dogs will be allowed inside the Sanctuary.
  1. 0900: Meet at the common meeting point near Hebbal (details will be provided over a WhatsApp group)
  2. 0900-1100: Drive to the VOSD Sanctuary
  3. 1100-1200: Collect at the Sanctuary, a quick round of refreshments, and a recap of Dos & Don’ts
  4. 1200-1400: Meet the dogs. Tour of the VOSD Sanctuary
  5. 1400-1600: Lunch (Vegetable/ Chicken Biryani + Soft Drinks/ Beer)
  6. 1600-1800: Drive back to Bangalore
  1. Even for people familiar with dogs, the number can be quite overwhelming. Safe to say that you would never have seen so many dogs in one place before.
  2. The dogs are in enclosures according to personality types. No dogs are chained or tied. But there are also a large number of dogs – at least 150 – who are out in the open (what is called Enclosure #0) and they express love by jumping on you.
  3. Recommended clothes: Jeans, old Tshirts, sneakers. There will be dogs who will want to play, and it’s quite possible you may get scratched — long sleeves/ jackets are a good way to avoid that.
  4. Do carry soap and a towel because you will get muddy. There’s facilities to wash up, and toilets.
  5. You understand that you are responsible for yourself and those accompanying you.
  6. Once you sign up we will request you if your choice of lunch will of Veg or Chicken Biryani, and Soft Drinks or Beer.


  1. Please book your visit to the Republic of Dogs weekend here.
  2. Please send a mail to with your reference number to indicate your choice of food and beverage.
  3. This an 80G contribution for which you will receive a receipt. 100% of the proceeds will go towards the dogs you see on the day.
  4. This is a good time to see not only the expanse of the facility but also the expenses in building facilities and operations costs of taking care of the dogs at the VOSD Sanctuary. We hope you enjoy it!