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VOSD sanctuary clinic construction 1

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Thanks to your continued support, we have managed to start the revamp of the VOSD Sanctuary Clinic. The first load of supplies for the construction work arrived few days ago. We are so excited and happy that soon our dogs will not have to make the 150km travel to Bangalore city to start treatment or for critical diagnosis. We will have the best medical care for them right here at the sanctuary. We have raised INR 6,75,295 of INR 26,35,000 goal. Still a long way to go! Please continue sharingRead More
VOSD Sanctuary clinic | Fundraiser on Ketto

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VOSD Dog Sanctuary Clinic requires URGENT revamp

URGENT REVAMP REQUIRED AT VOSD SANCTUARY CLINIC  I  http://ket.to/VOSDSanctuaryClinic VOSD Sanctuary clinic was built 6 yrs ago when we had 20 dogs. While we have 2 OPD’s, a basic surgery and give great long-term medical care, each dog has to make a 150km round trip to Bangalore to begin treatment! This compromises health care we can provide greatly. With 800 rescued dogs ALL with medical conditions, we urgently need to upgrade. WHAT WILL THE INVESTMENT ₹ 26.35 lacs CREATE (1) 3 OPDs and 1 top-of-the-line operation theater (2) 30 new kennels,Read More
VOSD Donation Appeal

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Life in India is changing fast, but not fast enough for our street dogs. Haven’t you felt sad looking at the dogs in street? The terror. The hunger. The emptiness. Haven’t you wondered how could make it better. The best hope is for one to be rescued. But a rescued dog waits for either of 2 things – to get adopted or die waiting. Each ‘shelter’ or rescue has a limited geographical footprint. Could it be any different? Well, VOSD makes a difference by supporting rescuers and rescue efforts acrossRead More
VOSD | CSR | HR initiatives

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Add some do-good to your brand’s feel-good. Love is a verb. If you are part of the CSR or HR teams in any company and would like to contribute to animal welfare in a meaningful way, then please write to us at info@vosd.in We have some amazing initiatives through which your teams can contribute and share their love with our doggies. 🐕   About VOSD VOSD is the Bangalore-based privately run non-profit with 80G status. Runs the world’s largest no-kill dog sanctuary & trust with 800 resident dogs, 7,500+ rescues, 250,000+ treatments.Read More
VOSD Ketto Fund Raise July 2018
Security of 800 VOSD dogs Donate in INR (80G) : https://www.ketto.org/help800vosddogs Donate in US$ (PayPal): https://paypal.me/vosd The VOSD Sanctuary is undoubtedly the best maintained and best-managed sanctuary for dogs in India – arguably anywhere in the world. It is also the world’s largest no-kill rescue and rehab system that operates in Bangalore (India). In the past four years, VOSD has rescued over 7,000 dogs, carried out over 250,000 sophisticated medical treatments to rescued dogs. This includes the VOSD Dog Sanctuary which is a permanent refuge for dogs, rescued not only by VOSD but byRead More
Reporting Puppies |Ricky with Rakesh Shukla VOSD

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VOSD Dog Sanctuary

THE (then) 750 DOGS OF THE VOSD Dog Sanctuary In a world full of stories of cruelty, apathy, destruction and filled with endless opinion. There’s also VOSD. DailyWOWvideo team shot this video a few months ago ( in 2017) and released it today. VOSD is the India’s largest dog care brand, supporting the world’s largest no-kill sanctuary and trust. www.vosd.in   The Voice of 800 Dogs Festival ‘The Voice of 800 Dogs’ festival runs from 20 June 2018 for 3 months and will celebrate, showcase and support the 800 rescued dogsRead More
Registering Rescue | Rakesh Shukla_VOSD Aug 2017

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Facing hostile neighbors and RWA

Facing hostile neighbours if you feed or otherwise take care of dogs is not new. But it has to be dealt with in a firm manner. First stay calm. Do not get into a slanging match or a showdown. The law and order machinery is on your side, and you should leverage it to protect yourself and the dogs. These are the 3 main things you should know: First, you are well within your rights to feed dogs that are in the locality and any neighbours or RWA cannot put inRead More
Reporting Puppies |Ricky with Rakesh Shukla VOSD

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Donations in kind

With 750+ dogs to be fed and medicated daily we use prodigious quantities of food, medicines and other supplies. If you are willing to help with these supplies, please note that unless these quantities represent a large financial proportion of what we use it will not be possible for us to arrange for pick-ups. The best way is to message what you wish to contribute and we will let you know if it can be picked up or if we could request you to bring to a centralized place inRead More
VOSD Dog Care

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Adopting a dog from VOSD

Thanks for wanting to adopt a VOSD dog. However, we regret to inform you that we do not have any dogs for adoption. This is for one or more of several reasons: VOSD only takes in dogs that could not be adopted by any other agency including their rescuers or owners and we will entertain a surrender request when we know they could not adopt out the dog. These adoptions could not work for a variety of reasons that may have included the dogs age and/or medical condition including disability,Read More
Earn while writing Content for VOSD Blog

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Write for VOSD: Submission Form

Instructions & Terms for submissions to the VOSD Blog VOSD Blog is India’s leading platform for information on dogs that includes medical advice, alternate therapies, information on breeds, behavior of dogs, your experience with dogs, human interest stories, legal opinion etc. You can write on the VOSD Blog and earn under the following terms: HOW TO PUBLISH Please write the content and format it using the online editor on this page. Please check the content for grammar, content, veracity etc. The VOSD Blog team will publish the content if foundRead More